Optimism, Expansion and Vision – Mercury, Venus and Jupiter Meet Up in Aries, Trine the North Node

“Optimism is a political act. Those who benefit from the status quo are perfectly happy for us to think nothing is going to get any better. In fact, these days, cynicism is obedience. What’s really radical is being willing to look right at the problems we face and still insist that we can solve them. A stubborn commitment to solving problems and a faith in our ability to do so doesn’t need to be naïve.” – Alex Steffen, Interview in The Sun

jupiterMercury, Venus and Jupiter, all in Aries, are moving into a rather rare conjunction that will be exact on Wednesday. This triple conjunction forms a harmonious trine (120-degree angle) to the North Node in Sagittarius, bringing an optimistic, expansive, breakthrough kind of flavor to the whole week.

Aries is the sign of the self, and conjunctions always involve both beginnings and endings — in this case, related to self-perception (Mercury in Aries), self-love (Venus in Aries), and self-confidence (Jupiter in Aries). Ideally, this Aries trio inspires us with the courage to express our authentic selves, and take inspired action on our desires.

Our self-perception and self-love (or lack thereof) informs our vision for the future — both personally and for the collective. If we accept the dominant cultural belief system of the separate, isolated self in a random, chaotic universe that operates on the principle of survival of the fittest, then we are indeed doomed. If we accept the belief that we are born sinners and our only salvation is in leaving our bodies and the planet, then we are likewise doomed.

But if we can broaden our understanding of ourselves — as the infinite beings that we truly are, infinite consciousness always connected with Source — then anything is possible.

We’re coming out of a phase of tough testing. Last month the conglomeration of Aries planets made a stressful square with Pluto the Dark Lord (see Entering the Underworld) and opposed Saturn the Taskmaster (see Balance, Essence and Kinship). All while navigating an especially trying Mercury Retrograde. The purpose was to clarify our passions to ensure that we’re headed in the right direction, to align our direction within the broader context of these times, and to let go of what’s holding us back from creating the future we desire.

sagittariusThe Aries triple-conjunction wants movement and action, and its trine with the Sagittarius North Node amplifies our faith and courage. The North Node always points to the best way forward, and the North Node in Sagittarius (March 3, 2011-August 29, 2012) says: embrace optimism, trust your intuition and instincts, stand in your truth, follow your bliss, and focus on the big picture and higher vision. Unplug from the media barrage of misinformation (Gemini South Node) and plug into your own inner guidance.

As of Wednesday, we’re out of the post-Mercury-Retro “shadow” (the lingering influence of the Retrograde) and it’s all systems go. If we effectively pared down and let go during the stressful Aries aspects last month, then we’re ready for take-off.

The Sabian Symbol for this conjunction (25 degrees Aries) is: “The revelation of new potentialities. Be open. Be able and willing to shape your translucent mind in the form revealing spiritual fulfillment. And you will be able to experience life and power on inner as well as outer planes. The implied message is one of faith. Man can only truly experience what he deeply believes he can experience.” (from Dane Rudhyar’s An Astrological Mandala)

– Emily Trinkaus

Note to Portlandia Peeps – Join me tonight, 7:00-8:30, for Meet the Outer Planets! We’ll be looking at Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, their current shenanigans in the sky and what that means for you personally (bring your birth chart). All the details on the Events page.

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7 Responses to Optimism, Expansion and Vision – Mercury, Venus and Jupiter Meet Up in Aries, Trine the North Node

  1. Katie says:

    WooHoo, all systems GO!

  2. Daniel Reed Miller says:

    Yay for Jupiter! (and all the rest of this one). Nice to have the “heavens” working in more directly expansive ways to move us toward realizing our potentials, some of the other configurations these days have been… no doubt all for our betterment in the long run, let’s say. Hard medicine.

  3. Justin says:

    I have this conjunction happening right on top of my natal north node at 25 degrees Aries, and squaring my natal sun at 23 degrees Cancer.

    Any insight as to what this could mean?

  4. virgomagic says:

    hi Justin,

    Wow – seems like it’s time to really follow your passions, take a risk, and put yourself first. Let go of needing to please other people (South Node Libra), and act from a place of self-love. The square to your Cancer Sun could mean that an over-attachment to security and playing it safe gets in the way of embracing what really excites and inspires you.

    Just a thought, of course, since I haven’t seen your whole chart, but I hope that’s helpful… (I also have an Aries North Node, by the way.)

    Thanks for reading! Emily

    • Justin says:

      Thank you so much for the response! As an astrologer, I’m sure you’re fascinated by each person’s unique placement of planets throughout the chart, so I’ll share to quench any thirst you may have: I have Moon/Pluto conjunction straddling my 11th house cusp at about 5 degrees Scorpio, and probably the most important thing, I have Uranus conjunct my Ascendant at about 17 degrees Sagittarius.

      Needless to say my life is never dull… for better or worse.

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