Leaving Your Comfort Zone, Greeting the Mystery – Today’s Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

total solar eclipseThe Taurus Full Moon on October 29 initiated what I fondly refer to as Eclipse Season – a high-pressure period of accelerated growth and change. What’s been brewing in the underworld of the subconscious rises into awareness, and changes that have been developing behind the scenes are catalyzed into motion.

Today’s Total Solar Eclipse (2:08 pm PST), when the Sun – the light of consciousness – grows dark behind the shadow of the Moon, is an extra-powerful New Moon, signaling not only a major new beginning, but also a significant ending. The Eclipse is in Scorpio, highlighting themes of sexuality, intimacy, power, connection with the invisible realm, and deep emotional processes.

Scorpio’s job is to push us out of our comfort zone, to show us where we’ve become stagnant and overly attached to the status quo. This Eclipse wants us to reanimate our passion and vitality by letting go of those elements of life that seem “safe” but are draining our vitality. Letting go of what’s familiar requires courage and trust because we have to enter the darkness of the unknown, we have to engage with the Mystery.

scorpioEclipses have a 19-year cycle, and on November 13, 1993 there was a Solar Eclipse at the same degree of the zodiac (21 Scorpio). Those of you who have been on the planet for at least a few decades might consider what was going on for you then, as similar themes will be stirred up by today’s Eclipse. It’s possible that something you initiated then is now coming to completion.

The emotional tone of this Eclipse is flavored by the stations of Neptune and Chiron, both in Pisces. Neptune turned from Retrograde to Direct (forward) on Saturday, and Chiron will follow suit on Wednesday. While the strong dose of Scorpio energy can put us in touch with deep emotional wounds (including abandonment, betrayal, and root-chakra survival issues), the Chiron-Neptune conjunction in Pisces increases sensitivity to pain and suffering of the collective.

Tuning into the feeling state of the world can be overwhelming and depressing, and can inspire the urge to numb ourselves with our favorite addictions. Helpfully, Saturn – planet of authority, discipline and focus – is now forming a harmonious trine (120-degree angle) to both Neptune and Chiron, potentially supporting us to take a more conscious and intentional approach to the watery realm of feeling. Spiritual practices, creative expression, and paying attention to and working with dreams can be great allies at this time. (FYI, I’ve got an article all about the Saturn-Neptune trine in the December-January issue of The Mountain Astrologer.)

total solar eclipseHow intense this Solar Eclipse is for you will depend on how it’s interacting with your birth chart. If you have any planets within a few degrees of the Eclipse (i.e., in the range of 18-25 degrees of Scorpio), you’re likely to feel it more personally. To get more insight into what this Eclipse means for you, find the house in your chart that contains 21 degrees Scorpio. The areas of life signified by that house are where you are invited to: release what you’ve outgrown to make space for a new beginning; explore deep feelings and get in touch with your desire, vitality and passion; and revisit and heal old wounds (including from past lives).

Consider that today’s Eclipse is setting into motion a new cycle that will develop over the next six months, the next year, and even the next 19 years. The darkness is a time for magic and ritual. Take time to turn your attention inward, feel into what you truly desire, and set your intentions for what you want to create. The energy will build toward the second Eclipse of the season – a Gemini Lunar Eclipse on November 28, which will be an extra-potent Full Moon.

– Emily Trinkaus

Hello Portlandia Peeps! I’ve got one spot left in my Into the Dark: Navigating Eclipse Season workshop this coming Saturday. We’ll get into all the juicy details about the meaning and purpose of these Eclipses, what they’re asking of you personally, and how to work with their energies.

And – Calling All Priestesses! – there will be another opportunity to delve into the upcoming Gemini Lunar Eclipse at the next Lunar Galactic Activation on Monday, November 26. All women are welcome, and this is a teleclass, so you can participate from anywhere on the planet.

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16 Responses to Leaving Your Comfort Zone, Greeting the Mystery – Today’s Total Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

  1. 🙂 yup remember 1993. Sometimes it feels life is lather, rinse, repeat.

  2. stephen says:

    1993 was the year of goodbye for me. I remember it well too. Goodbye is the order now as well. I am thankful you brought this up. I have Saturn @17 Sco in the 9th and Venus @ 22 Sco in the 10th. Great article and insight.

    • emily says:

      Wow – seems like a major eclipse for you, Stephen! Wishing you graceful navigation through the watery depths… Thanks so much for reading & commenting, Emily

      • stephen says:

        I wish you could be forced to write daily. You know what I mean. Thanks. Yes this is a vivid time indeed. I am just without energy though. Maybe soon….


  3. emmajarrett says:

    1993 was the year I left home to go to college. I’m leaving home again this month; to start the next ‘adventure’ as a single woman. Scorpio is in my 2nd House, along with Neptune. What does 2nd House signify? Or where can I go to get this info?
    Thanks as always for such illuminating writing.

  4. stephen says:

    Second House: (House of Taurus and Venus) This is often referred to as the arena of money and values. It’s the province of stability, resourcefulness and slow, steady progress. Here you’re shown how a grounded life can be created, one that is self-sufficient and in line with your values.

  5. As always, appreciate your profound thoughts. No planets in Scorp, just some major players in the 8th house. Always feel these transits like a backhand serve. As is appropriate, I gather 😉

  6. Kris says:

    thank you for your informative & inspiring post! 🙂
    Emily or Stephen,
    where can I find good information on the meaning of the astrological houses online? I’ve been searching online for a while now and haven’t found one that really resonates with me. Can you recommend anything?

    Many blessings~

  7. Sandra Ellis says:

    Virgo Magic translated via Emily always put my life in perspective. Giving me knowledge, understanding of the current happenings in our universe. I have this little kid feeling, of Santa is coming and what in the world is going to be under that tree this year! The anticipation is so exciting I just want to jump forward in time and open all the gifts. The flip side of that is I’ve been doing my work, rolling with the punches as the universe toss;s even throws things directly at my head. So my awakened heart/mind is ready to share some gifts some gifts as well. HUM WHAT AN EXCHANGE OF PURE PLAYFUL FUN this is going to be. Ok gotta go look for my crystal BALL……. Thank you again, Sandy from Maryland.

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