Winter Solstice – The Power of Aligning with Your Own Truth

milky way dark riftWinter Solstice is the darkest time of year, and also the return of the Light – the rebirth of the Sun. The energy calls you inward to consider what you set into motion at Spring Equinox on March 19 and reflect on your creations. This is a magical and mystical moment to nurture your inner Light, rest and regenerate, and plant a new vision for what you want to create in the coming year.

There are a bazillion competing stories circulating about the meaning of this year’s Winter Solstice on December 21 (3:12 am PST), a date that’s been loaded with significance. If you want to learn about the end-date of the Mayan Calendar, you can read articles and books and watch movies and listen to interviews and radio shows – until your mind explodes with information and you’re no closer to understanding what it all means than you were when you started.

An inundation of data without meaning or synthesis, media overload, boredom and distraction are symptoms of shadow of Jupiter in Gemini, a prominent player in the chart of the Solstice. Jupiter is the “focal planet” in a precise yod or Finger of God with Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. The yod is a powerful alignment in which two planets (in this case Saturn and Pluto) form a sextile (60-degree harmonious angle) to one another, and both planets also form a quincunx (150-degree angle of adjustment) to the same planet (Jupiter).

winter solstice yod

The chart of the Solstice, showing only the “boomerang” yod with Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus

Saturn’s sextile to Pluto supports the long-range project of Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024) – to make unignorably obvious the corruption, stagnation and irrelevance of the old patriarchal social structures and systems of power. Ideally, the Saturn-Pluto sextile can inspire us to get busy with the work of transformation, both deep inner work to uncover and heal the wounds that suppress our light, and the work of mutual cooperation and empowerment to co-create a peaceful, loving and sustainable new world.

On the other hand – Saturn and Pluto can also “cooperate” in a less helpful way. There are some humans on the planet who, instead of doing the work of transformation, are doing their best to prop up the self-destructing systems. Wealth and power consolidate in the hands of fewer and fewer people (the “plutocracy”), necessitating more violent suppression of the masses. The more corrupt the system becomes, the bigger the lies have to be to justify and maintain its existence.

To me, this yod speaks of a profound collective disillusionment with the dominant “truth providers” – the spokesmodels for politics, religion, media, medicine, science, economy – and the absurd stories they tell.

Of course, this dynamic also happens on an individual level – we “cling to the falling rocks” in our own ways, and tell ourselves tall tales to rationalize our actions.

jupiterThe Solstice chart points to a crisis of meaning, truth and faith – the domain of Jupiter. As the focal planet of the yod, Jupiter is under extreme pressure to channel the energy of the Saturn-Pluto sextile. One option is, when we become disillusioned with all the old stories and storytellers (including our own minds), we become cynical, concluding that life is meaningless and there’s no hope for the future.

A more helpful approach would be to turn inward to discover our own truth – an act of radical empowerment that defies one of the biggest lies of our time, that we can’t trust our own instincts, our own bodies, and instead have to look outside ourselves for the answers. Jupiter Retrograde in Gemini (October 4 to January 30) teaches that we strengthen our sense of faith by tuning into, trusting and acting on our own inner knowing.

Venus in Sagittarius opposes Jupiter, forming a “boomerang yod,” with Venus as the “reaction point.” In other words, all the energy of the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto yod “boomerangs” back to Venus, who becomes another kind of focal point for the aspect. It’s not surprising that Venus – goddess of love, beauty, attraction and eroticism – plays a key role at this highly-charged Solstice. One of the major themes of our time is the reemergence of the Sacred Feminine, and Venus in Sagittarius is the Wild Feminine – our connection with our authentic selves, with the Earth, with our own natural rhythms, feelings and instincts.

It seems appropriate, and maybe a bit of a cosmic joke, that the chart for the most “storied” date of our time is asking us to reclaim the power of telling stories. Instead of OD-ing on 2012-info-palooza, we can simply access the energy, wisdom and power of this moment through our own sacred bodies. Isn’t that one of our mega-lessons as we exit the Age of Pisces? That we don’t need the High Priests of Religion (or Science or Medicine or Academia) to tell us what it all means, to be the translators of divine will and to negotiate with the gods on our behalf? Can we finally give ourselves permission to be our own priests and priestesses?

– Emily Trinkaus

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10 Responses to Winter Solstice – The Power of Aligning with Your Own Truth

  1. Sara says:

    Excellent, excellently put!! I loved reading your perspective, and resonate with it. Personally I fall/align with the yod, as my mars is 4 capr. scorpio venus & sun conjunct, & moon 19 sag. My meditations the last two days in particular have been “deeper” than usual, and found myself very focused, calm, purposeful in action.Desiring to stay in that focused state of awareness and not be distracted by the “hype” of all the media. Your article hit home with how I have been feeling. Thank .You!!

  2. Beautiful Emily. Such profound and simple truth! Love you and your work.

  3. Colin says:

    Yes! The only gateway to the Divine we need is within, if we fully engage it our world ends and we begin a new life or really begin to let life live us….lovely post as always thanks and blessings

  4. scorpiorising says:

    hi! i’m interested in this yod because it seems to fall right on top of a yod in my birth chart (saturn and mars at 10 and 11 scorpio, jupiter at 10 capricorn and mercury at 12 gemini). i also have a heavy mercury as sun ruler, sole dispositer and a tight opposition to uranus. any insight on what it could mean when the current yod triggers a birth chart yod?

    thank you always for all your thought-provoking and meaningful posts!

  5. Liz Gatti says:

    Yay!  Thanks Emily.  Happy Solstice 🙂 Love and light, Liz

    Sent from my Samsung Epic™ 4G Touchvirgo magic wrote:

  6. thank you from a old 75yrs virgo, you have given the best eaplaination I have come acrooss, searching for oppinions and enlightenment to understand the affect of this present time. hope to get more for virgo, and pssible places to visit with like minded understanding people, thankks again . may all the guieds and masters of out univerce be with you, Maggs xxxx

  7. Michelle Garnier Winkler says:

    Yes! It IS time for discovering our own truth. What a joy. How fun it is to see everything that drives me being expressed in another way. This is evidence of how we’re all one. Love to you, Emily, and thank you for all your beautiful, hard work. You support, heal, and encourage so many. Michelle

    Sent from my iPhone

  8. cathyastrology says:

    Dear Emily,

    This is an incredible posting! Thank you for reminding me of the YOD. The theme captures all the various speculations going on these days with the “end of days”.

    May your holidays be rich and rewarding as well as soul fulfilling.



  9. nbroadwell says:

    Love this post, Emily! This explains a lot of what I’ve been going through and reinforces it in a good way! It’s so hard to REALLY acknowledge what we know and even harder to stick with it in the face of all the detractors…exciting times.

  10. Sharon Zimmerman says:

    Hi again Emily,

    I find it interesting that the NRA came out with their rediculious preposal to arm security at schools on Dec 21st! “Proping up a self destructive system” as you so eloquently and correctly wrote!

    Thanks, Sharon Zimmerman

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