Creativity, Courage and Commitment – Approaching the Leo Full Moon

leoSaturday’s Full Moon (8:38 pm PST) – the emotional peak of the month – lights up fiery, festive, expressive Leo. The Leo Full Moon is typically a time for fun and celebration, but the feeling tone of this lunation is a bit different.

The Sun and Moon will square Saturn in Scorpio, potentially putting a damper on the festivities and illuminating the ways that we may not feel especially happy or creative. The Moon will also form an exact quincunx (150-degree angle) to Chiron in Pisces, calling attention to the wounds that block us from freely expressing ourselves and passionately participating in the present moment.

As I was writing the above, a little girl came over (I’m at a coffee shop) and wanted to play with my computer, reminding me that Leo is also the sign of the child. She may have had some useful insights to add, but her father intervened. (“You can play with Daddy’s computer at home.”) Ideally, Leo brings out childlike qualities – innocence, playfulness, unselfconscious self-expression, the ability to lose all sense of time while fully engaging in the now. Less ideally, Leo can devolve into childishness – melodrama, self-absorption, and what Caroline Casey calls “tantrum yoga.”

saturnThe Leo Full Moon evokes our inner child, while the square to Saturn – planet of maturity, responsibility and commitment – asks, What steps can you take to help your inner child grow up, and can you do so with love, acceptance and patience rather than harshness, judgment and self-punishment (shadow Saturn)?

The energy of this Full Moon – which we’re already swimming in – could feel rather heavy-hearted. Leo rules the heart, while Saturn works through pressure, including depression (think, saturnine). Optimally, Saturnian depression can be productive, compelling us to turn inward and gain clarity, in this case to identify the elements of life that genuinely light us up, feed our hearts, inspire our creativity and passion, and feel like fun.

Saturn in Scorpio cuts beneath the layers of what we think we SHOULD want and instead calls for getting honest about the truth of our hearts. Once we’ve identified our authentic feelings, then we can use the Saturnian gift of strategy to make a plan for responsibly letting go of what no longer makes us happy, and creating a life that more accurately reflects our heart’s present-time desires.

Saturn’s square to the Leo Full Moon asks, How committed are you to your happiness and self-expression? Saturn rules time, and one of the most common excuses people make for why they’re not having fun, doing what they love, or pursuing their creative goals (essential Leo expressions) is that they don’t have time.

chronosIn our overly busy, hyper-scheduled, overflowing-with-trivial-distractions culture, there’s some validity to this excuse. It takes serious boundary-setting, vigilance and self-discipline (positive Saturn) not to get caught up in the collective trance of “no time, no time.” Or, as the immensely creative (recently departed) Gabrielle Roth wisely put it, “It takes a tremendous discipline to be a free spirit.

Saturn in Scorpio wants us to take a deeper look at what’s really going on – what if it WASN’T about the time? Typically, when we dig beneath the surface to uncover the source of what prevents us from expressing ourselves, pursuing our passions, and fully embracing the joy of the moment, we find fear, also ruled by Saturn.

And, in the case of this Full Moon, we’re getting into wounded-child territory (hello, Chiron) – the ways that our naturally bright lights may have been shut down early on by fearful parents, oppressive schools, etc., resulting in a fear of shining, even a fear of being seen. There’s also the fear of being different, the fear of standing out and being successful (“no one will love me if I’m exuberantly happy and creating the life of my dreams”), and the fear of failure (“I’ll look like a fool if I try and fail”).

The Leo-Aquarius axis is ultimately about love, and the antidote to wallowing in self-pity and/or self-punishment would be to take responsibility for loving ourselves, loving that little girl or boy hidden (or not so hidden) inside our adult body, wounds and all. It takes no small amount of courage – from the French coeur, meaning heart – to keep our hearts open when the painfully vulnerable wounded child part of ourselves appears.

To get more insight into what this Full Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 7 degrees Leo. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re being called to: identify your heart’s authentic desires; courageously commit to your creativity and passion; feel and heal childhood wounds and fears around letting your light shine; and love love love yourself.

– Emily Trinkaus

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24 Responses to Creativity, Courage and Commitment – Approaching the Leo Full Moon

  1. Excellent article on the upcoming Full Moon Emily.

  2. This is fabulous, Emily. All of it . . . can’t wait to get your book!

    Do you like word press now that you’re all set up? I’m still trying to figure it out . . . arghh


  3. Annie Simonds says:

    this is another nudge for me…. hmmm

  4. lovely writing and clear message, Emily! I’m feelin’ it! can’t wait for thursday!!! (will it be 1 my time and 12 yours?–we’re one hour later than Portland) and do i make the call????

  5. ellen tracey says:

    oh emily, this is so good to hear. i am totally jacked for this

  6. Sandra McCleaf Ellis says:

    Emily you know I know Caroline Casey also, she and Dale were local Bethesda Maryland folks we all hung in the same circles… Small world isn’t it.. Have a great happy moon.. Sandy Have you connected with Dale or Anislie MacLeod? both amazing men.

    Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 20:56:47 +0000 To:

  7. Perianne says:

    I love the clarity and the quote of Gabrielle Roth, “It takes a tremendous discipline to be a free spirit.” That makes me chuckle 🙂

  8. As a Leo moon person, I understand ‘tantrum yoga’ only too well! 😉 Misappropriation of this energy is no fun. Better to play, create, love loving.
    This is just an excellent post. So much meat to chew over with regards to creativity and its expression. A major life theme for me right now, so fresh from my 2nd Sat return, and having had Saturn in one major planet or another for the last dozen years or so. Scorp isn’t ‘in’ my chart, but with so many major players in the 8th including the moon?! It’s way familiar.
    Thanks so much!

  9. Ai yi yi, somebody please remind me. Next time I’m mistaken for a professional musician and asked to play an event. Check chart before accepting to make sure event isn’t scheduled during a full moon square my ruling planet in Scorpio quincunx Chiron conjunct my natal Saturn.
    Gotta go practice now . . .

    • emily says:

      Oh Rachel – I fully empathize with your imposter complex (I am continually mistaken for a professional astrologer…). Sounds like a perfect set-up to heal some of those Leonine issues and strengthen your confidence. I trust that you will shine beautifully at the event!

  10. Thank you Emily. Even as a “fake” you help people a lot.

  11. Katherine says:

    I am a moon,Pluto and Mars in 9th house Leo natally, so this may be a very interesting full moon. I certainly need to work to on regaining my health and learning to love myself again. Second Saturn return followed by Saturn in sun sign Libra and now 12thy house Saturn in Scorpio. It had been a tough 5 years.

  12. Sandra Ellis says:

    Once Again Dear Virgo Magic YOU PUTS EVERYTHING INTO PERSPECTIVE ………… I love it. Many thanks Ms. Emily…………..

  13. Sandra Ellis says:

    AND let me add, this puts the icing on the ending of of many year of painful lessons., But with the help of VIRGO MAGIC and others I get the words of astrology wisdom from above to guide me through transformation and this spring emerge as a new evolved being of the divine, just as my soul intended. THANK YOU!!

  14. Leo is in my 2nd house. Woo hoo.

  15. Coral Cadman says:

    Your analysis of things cosmo-psychological, just keeps getting better, deeper, and more on the mark. Kudos, dear Emily on a well-written oraclar heads-up re the recent Full Moon and its amazing backdrop.

  16. emily says:

    Bless you, Coral! Feeling much gratitude for your generous feedback!!

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