Uncovering the Core – Approaching the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

lunar eclipseWhoa. There’s a lot of intensity right now, a lot going on. Deep breath, everyone. We’re fast approaching the first of three Eclipses, which, consciously navigated, are profound portals of transformation, initiations into new realities. But this process is typically not so comfortable, and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, stuck, freaked out, pulled in too many directions, or just plain out of sorts, then you are perfectly in tune with the cosmic energies.

Thursday’s Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio (12:57 pm PDT) is an extra-potent Full Moon that is stirring up some serious shadow material. Eclipses are always about revealing what’s buried in the subconscious, but this one, in the sign that rules the shadow, the subconscious, and all things taboo – sex, death and money – brings a double dose of darkness. Scorpio wants authenticity, passion, vitality, depth, intimacy and hot sex, and this Eclipse is showing us all of our fears, blocks and resistance to getting there.

Opposite the Scorpio Moon is a formidable line-up of Taurus planets – Mars (the traditional ruler of Scorpio), the Sun, Venus (ruler of Taurus) and the South Node. Taurus seeks comfort, stability and security, and can default into stagnation, over-attachment and resistance to change. This Eclipse’s activation of the Taurus-Scorpio polarity shows us how we’re doing in that balance between holding on and letting go; self-reliance and mutual empowerment; playing it safe and playing the edge; building something solid and destroying it all to allow for new growth.

Taurus is the sign of grounding, being grounded – feeling safe in your body and on the planet. Out-of-balance Taurus, Taurus without a strong inner core of security, tends to operate in survival mode – coping, getting by, having “just enough” – or, at the opposite extreme, a feeling of never having enough, never feeling secure no matter how much money is in the bank and how much stuff is accumulated. In times when the world seems to be exploding in crisis, it becomes essential to find and strengthen our security from the inside. There is nothing outside of us to hold onto that is going to make us safe – this is the message of the South Node in Taurus.

scorpioThe function of this Eclipse, as the gate-opener to our trio of Eclipses, seems to be a stirring up and clearing of core survival fears. Whatever is happening on the surface probably isn’t the real issue – Scorpio says, dig deeper, get to the root. The Moon is conjunct Saturn, indicating that this is part of a long-term process, that it’s best to proceed patiently, step-by-step, and to keep in mind the bigger picture of where we’re headed. The Moon-Saturn conjunction also reminds us that we’re in a phase of major emotional growth, learning to take responsibility for our feelings, for our projections, for our deepest needs and desires.

Eclipses happen every six months, and the current set of Eclipses refer back to the previous ones, in this case – the Scorpio Solar Eclipse on November 13 and the Gemini Lunar Eclipse on November 28. This would be a good time to reflect on what was going on for you then, as similar themes and issues are likely to be stirred up.

Discover more about what this Eclipse means for YOU by finding the house in your birth chart that contains 5 degrees Scorpio. The areas of your life signified by that house are where: you are ripe for transformation, healing and growth; you’re being challenged to “let go to grow;” events from the past are coming to fruition, culmination or ending; shadow material is rising to the surface; deep, dark feelings want to be felt and released; you’re ready to make or break a commitment.

– Emily Trinkaus

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26 Responses to Uncovering the Core – Approaching the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse

  1. Yegads. Well. Right on, as always. Observations are inner in my case, and I ‘get’ it. Scorp rules my 12th, with nothing ‘in’ it. But I get it. I do. Thanks much.

  2. Alix says:

    Thanks once more, Emily! I am a Scorpio and haven’t been feeling at all myself since this week began. Now, thanks to your insight, I know why. I am joining your teleclass tomorrow to gain a deeper understanding. Looking forward!

  3. Alsarama says:

    “if you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, stuck, freaked out, pulled in too many directions, or just plain out of sorts, then you are perfectly in tune with the cosmic energies” – yes to all, precisely.

  4. Kathleen Jones says:

    I am a Scorpio and have been going through a lot of emotional stuff these past few days. Actually it seems to be intensifying, Thanks for the insight and I look forward to the telecast,

  5. zazazu says:

    I’ve had my chart read but I’m going back over it now and can’t figure out which house contains the five degrees of Scorpio. Any tips?

  6. anon says:

    how would you interpret 5° Scorpio tightly conjunct the cusp of the 2nd and 3rd house? in one or the other, or both?

    • emily says:

      I would consider both houses, and the relationship between the two – like, are you connecting and communicating, integrating into your everyday environment (3rd) from a place of feeling grounded in self-love & self-worth, and honoring your values (2nd)?

  7. Coral Cadman says:

    Bravo and BINGO! Ahhhh…such a relief to know you’re out there too, taking the pulse and reporting your sense of our current and upcoming cosmic tides. I really value your voice, Emily, and continue to share your blog postings, esp when I am short on writing time…Gracias from Mexico!

  8. Stephanie says:

    Well this explains a lot! Thursday would of been my 19th wedding anniversary. The last few days I’ve been feeling very out of sorts. The ending of the marriage coincides with the Taurus Full Moon on October 29 and the begging coincides with “19-year cycle, and on November 13, 1993 there was a Solar Eclipse at the same degree of the zodiac (21 Scorpio)”. It seems I’m very in tune with the cosmos.

  9. Katherine says:

    I have a Scorpio 12th house with Transiting Saturn and the North Node. At the November 13th eclipse, I lost my job and after the 28th, the secrets which led to it came forward. This was a mass termination that had been in the works for months but was finally revealed during the Scorpio solar eclipse. This eclipse again affects my 12th house and I am wondering,as it opposes my 6th house of service, if further revelations about this organization may come to light.

  10. OMG I’ve definitely been feeling it this week as a SCORPIO -BUT even more important is that my partner of 18 years is a TAURUS and we in the process of breaking up yet we are still living together. It’s a personification of many of themes outlined here…YIKES

  11. Holly says:

    My rising is 7 degrees Scorpio, does that put this eclipse in my first house? Does it effect my 12th house?

    • emily says:

      hi Holly – That would make this eclipse very personal for you, being so close to your Ascendant! I would look at both the 12th and the 1st, and the relationship between the two. eclipse blessings, Emily

  12. ADK says:

    I am new to your blog, and am a cancer, but this all really hits the spot for me…hope I didn’t misread 🙂

    • emily says:

      Welcome to my blog! What’s happening in the sky applies to ALL the signs. Depending on how the planets in the sky interact with the planets in your birth chart, it may be more or less intense for you.

  13. Lucy says:

    I have a natal Scorpion Moon in my 8th house and the lunar eclipse will also be in my 8th house. Anyone with an insight as what to expect please?

  14. Great insight, thanks…it has been a weird week, turns out that’s right on my midheaven at 4 Scorpio on the 10th house cusp, been restarting our family business since Sandy hit and today was a vital permit approval. And I was just presented with the opportunity to voice my opinion for my web business’ corporate training system and I have a lot to say so I’m on my 2nd draft, trying to keep it constructive and not rant but will throw in a few zingers to make my point. hehe (You made a new fan here!)

  15. desithered says:

    I know the eclipse happened a whole month ago! Could it still be affecting me? I am a scorpio and I am not feeling like myself! Usually I can kick this bad mood and overcome it all… but today. I can’t! Any advice?

    • emily says:

      Well, eclipses do stay in effect for about 6 months after they happen, though usually not so acutely… Saturn is also in Scorpio, and it’s possible that Saturn is transiting your Sun, which could feel pretty intense – a time to pull inward, bringing to an end one cycle of creativity and vitality and preparing to start a new one.

      • Hi Again Emily! Thanks for that explanation! (I am so glad I subscribed to the comments on your blog). I’ve had a really intense week with a lot of strong, very uncharacteristic emotions (anger, to be precise — with my Mars is in Libra, this is not a feeling I encounter very often). It’s left me feeling somewhat upended. I could not, in my layperson way, account for it astrologically. Now I know the deal. My Sun (in Scorpio) is in my midheaven and my Saturn is in Aries (my only planet in that sign), so it would seem, if I have it correctly, that my Aries Saturn was transiting my Scorpio Sun, while Saturn is in Scorpio, which explains quite a bit, don’t you think?

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