Own Your Body, Love the Earth – Thursday’s Solar Eclipse in Taurus

solar eclipseThe first Eclipse in this Spring’s trio, the uber-intense Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on April 25, triggered core survival fears, ripe for healing and transformation. Now we’re approaching the second – a Taurus Solar Eclipse on Thursday (5:29 pm PDT), a super-potent New Moon that sets into motion a new beginning that will develop over the next 19 years.

Unlike your average New Moon, a Solar Eclipse typically involves an ending, revealing what we have to let go of, what needs to die, to clear space for a new start. Because this Eclipse is conjunct the South Node – old patterns that hold us back and block our evolution – there’s an especially strong focus on releasing the past, and in Taurus, we’re looking at issues around self-worth, self-love, over-attachment to material security and the status quo, and resistance to change (the famous Taurus stubbornness).

As I wrote in a previous post, the default mode of the Taurus South Node is, “Once I have enough money/material security, then it will be safe for me to take the risk of living my passion,” and this approach is NOT scheduled to work. (Diving Into the Watery Depths)  Since most of us in this culture were trained from an early age NOT to trust our feelings, and to value material security over vitality (and pretty much everything else), this is no easy task.


fairy garden flowers

This Eclipse wants us to plant seeds for a new life direction based on our deepest values, passions and desires. Having a solid sense of self-worth, and the kind of security that comes from being grounded in our bodies and on the planet, makes it much easier to trust our inner impulses and embrace vitality. High-vibration Taurus revels in the sensual experience of living in a body on this miraculous Earth. Low-vibration Taurus, which pretty much defines the dominant culture, seeks a sense of worth, security and grounding through accumulating money and material possessions, trashing the planet in the process.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Taurean theme of ownership since a very helpful (and timely) energy healing session I received yesterday. What came up was my fear of taking ownership of my body, my space and my work. At the root of the issue was a belief that I’m unworthy. Instead of standing fully in my experience, I perch on the edge of life, like a visitor. While this approach may have served as a useful survival mechanism at times, it’s not helping me create what I want in the present.

I know I’m not alone in my “stranger in a strange land” complex – many of us feel like aliens here, confused by the harsh conditions, the cruelty, the insanity of this upside-down world where people who love animals and trees are called terrorists while those who torture animals and destroy the planet are rewarded for their brutality. Whether from personal trauma or living in a violently traumatic culture, many of us floated up out of the physical plane in an attempt to find “safety” and now have quite a bit of work to do to re-occupy our own bodies and root down into the Earth.


Bessie, Taurus spokesmodel

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, will be in Gemini at the Eclipse, in “mutual reception” with Mercury in Taurus (i.e., Venus and Mercury will occupy each other’s signs). The mutual reception emphasizes the theme of communicating our needs, values and desires. Since Mercury is one of the planets conjunct the South Node, blocks to sharing our true needs and desires are ready to be released. Communication patterns and habits of perception that are keeping us in a place of stuckness and stagnation are also up for transformation.

To get more insight into what this Eclipse means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 19 degrees Taurus. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to: release old patterns and attachments to open space for a major new beginning; evaluate your values, needs and desires and let go of those that are no longer authentic for you; practice communicating what you want; trust your feelings rather than seeing situations from an overly literal or materialist perspective; work on deepening your self-love, self-worth and inner security.

Eclipses have a 19-year cycle, and we had a Solar Eclipse at the same degree of the zodiac in 1994. If you’ve been on the planet for at least a few decades, it’s worth looking back to see if similar themes were being stirred up for you. It’s also possible that something you set into motion then is now coming to a close.

– Emily Trinkaus

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14 Responses to Own Your Body, Love the Earth – Thursday’s Solar Eclipse in Taurus

  1. LOVED THIS. Now I know how come I feel SO WEIRD today, like I am starting over, or everything has ended, now what.

    Do you do birth charts, and current readings?


  2. Ah, Emily!

    THIS is why I said to myself earlier today, “Goddess! I need to go check that one astrologer’s blog and find out why my (and several people I’ve spoken with over the last two days) world feels so wrecked! I, personally, have been anxiety-ridden, prone to anger, and my financial habits (and Taurus moon, along with my materialistic-ness that drives me BATTY about myself) have been eating me like Kali-Ma. I HATE that, while I am a Witch and in love with the Natural World, I always have to have “just one more thing”. Today, before reading this, I resolved that I WOULD change that about myself… That it is antiquated, restraining thought and behavior. Time to change, time to say “Goodbye and good riddance” to that kind of living – which is no kind of living at all, always wanting.

    So, thank you, “that one astrologer” who is named Emily!! I get it! Thanks for this!! And I’ll be contacting you, too, for an astrological reading. Divination is my forté… Astrology, not so much!

    ~ Rowan

  3. MissAme says:

    Yes! I have been feeling a change starting in my life. I’m beginning to want to be healthier and use more natural/organic products. How Taurus like 🙂

  4. Sandra McCleaf Ellis says:


    Date: Wed, 8 May 2013 00:14:56 +0000 To: sme922@msn.com

  5. Wow, Emily! Just Wow! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, as always, and for your great Gift of putting a beautiful context to what is going on in our inner and outer worlds. Your writing is so powerful. And it couldn’t be more True for me. No wonder I have been time-traveling back to 1994–such powerful energies back then too. Bless.

  6. angelaursery says:

    This post especially resonated with me.
    You wrote: “What came up was my fear of taking ownership of my body, my space and my work. At the root of the issue was a belief that I’m unworthy. Instead of standing fully in my experience, I perch on the edge of life, like a visitor. While this approach may have served as a useful survival mechanism at times, it’s not helping me create what I want in the present.”
    We must have been twins separated at birth, because this is *my* story. I always hold back,most every step steeped in caution, my focus on my risk of being shamed or ridiculed instead of the value of publicly claiming myself, my work, and my path. And you are so right–this was useful at one time, but that was a l-o-n-g time ago. A big challenge for me is that I now no longer keep my life on hold for others, but haven’t yet learned how to motivate myself for my work. I sometimes feel like a handmaiden who has left behind the only job she knows–for something better, perhaps, but something she doesn’t yet know how to do…
    And my moon and sun are in Taurus, so I see this time as a great opportunity to step up and learn.
    Thank you; your skill and insights are quite impressive.

    • emily says:

      Thanks so much for your comment, Angela! I also have a Taurus Moon, so maybe that’s why we share the same story… Wishing you a miraculously transformative Eclipse season, Emily

  7. mbajusz1@earthlink.net says:


    I’m with Bessie!

  8. eliaseely says:

    Emily once again you are my astromentor! Just reading this Saturday after chewing on these e lipse themes myself. Thanks for your clear honesty and insight! Love!

  9. eliaseely says:

    Perfect! Just what I needed to read on my journey east 🙂

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