A New Dedication to the Light of Your Heart – Today’s New Moon in Leo, Conjunct Vesta

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

vestaLighting our way out of the past month’s watery deluge, today’s New Moon (2:50 pm Pacific) sets into motion a new cycle of creativity, love and passionate devotion. The Sun and Moon unite in fiery Leo – the Child, Artist, Queen/King, Rock Star, Diva… – inviting intentions and initiations that fuel your enthusiasm, inspiration and heart’s true desires.

The New Moon closely conjoins with the asteroid Vesta, goddess of the hearth and keeper of the sacred flame. The heart (ruled by Leo) is the hearth of the body, and tending to your inner light and child’s heart is not an indulgence but a sacred duty.

The Sun, Moon and Vesta form a challenging  square (90-degree angle) to the Scorpio North Node, revealing underlying wounds that subvert creative power and confidence, and block you from shining your light. Leo “inner child issues” that may get stirred up include: seeking others’ approval and validation, waiting to “be loved” before taking the risk of opening your heart and giving love, and playing a role instead of being your authentic self.

Ideally, this New Moon inspires courage (from the French coeur, meaning heart) to break through old childhood patterns and conditioning, and open to the creative potential of the present moment. Vesta in Leo reminds us that love, happiness and sexual satisfaction (Vesta is associated with sacred sexuality) are achieved through consistent practice and daily devotion.

the sunThe power of this New Moon is magnified by its coincidence with Lammas, the cross-quarter Holy Day that marks the midpoint between Summer Solstice (June 20) and Fall Equinox (September 22). At Lammas, the full flowering of summer, we get to enjoy the fruits of our literal and metaphorical gardens, and glimpse the future of our full harvest (Fall Equinox). Lammas will officially occur about 12 hours after the New Moon, when the Sun reaches 15 degrees of Leo. This is a time to bask in and celebrate the Sun, and strengthen our hearts, so we can sustain our inner light through the darker days ahead.

To get more specific about what this New Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 14 degrees Leo. (I wrote a post describing how to do this astro-technical feat here.) The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to:  renew and strengthen your courage, commitment and devotion; heal the wounds of your child’s heart; clarify your passions and desires; and take steps to fire up your enthusiasm, creativity and vitality.

Word to the wise – the Moon will go void-of-course just after the New Moon, at 2:51 Pacific. According to New Moon astro-diva Jan Spiller (author of New Moon Astrology), it’s best to wait to set your intentions and make your wishes until AFTER the voidness has ended, which will be Wednesday at 8:57 pm.

– Emily Trinkaus

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19 Responses to A New Dedication to the Light of Your Heart – Today’s New Moon in Leo, Conjunct Vesta

  1. so Emily–is it in my 11th house? wanted to check to see if I’m on track…thanks!!!

  2. i am really loving this post, and this is just the kind of energy needed right now. the new moon is in my 7th house, trining my aries sun. i’ve been so stressed about moving in with my S.O. that it’s been ruining the process. i think i need to relax a little more and open my heart and know that it will all work out eventually.

    thanks again for another wonderful post 🙂

  3. Katie Todd says:

    Nice post Clarity Womb light !! Looking forward to meeting up tomorrow. I can do anytime from 12-5. Let me know when best to come over.

    -Via phone FullMoonPriestess.com KatieToddArt.com KatieToddEnergy.com

  4. Coral Cadman says:

    Beauty, fully expressed Emily! Love the Vesta details–The 14º Leo New moon is in my 3rd house, trining my descendant at 14º Sag and my Natal Dragon’s Head at 13º Aries. I’m loving being on honeymoon with myself! Lots of inspired writing & story-telling, travel fantasies, sibling communications, and willingness to expand my base of friends in my local environs, while checking out venues for sharing music and art.

  5. suzymon says:

    The new moon is in my 5th house, romance or creative self expression, or both?

    • emily says:

      hi Suzy – Each house has many different meanings – so, yes, you could think of the New Moon in your 5th as having to do with creativity, romance, love, children, vacation, risk-taking…. I would tune in to see what resonates for you most from all the various meanings and set your intentions accordingly.

  6. E says:

    This new moon is conjunct my natal moon (15’23″Leo) at the end of the 7th house. 14 Leo on my chart would be 2 1/2 degrees away from the cusp of the 8th house. I’ve read that this means it’s interpreted as being in the 8th house. Thoughts?

  7. Sara Engebretson says:

    Love you my dear!! Happy birthday!!! Call me anytime! Or show up 😉 Xoxo

  8. Tysa Fennern says:

    Thanks Emily, really resonates with me. I’m working with some inner-child, family time, and that piece about having daily devotion to myself in order to work with the vesta sacred self (or at least how I interpreted it) makes perfect sense and is in alignment with some other work I’m doing…time to light this self-care candle and fan the flame! P.s. when is your next Galactivation? Also, my WEMoon says that V/C isn’t over until Friday 9th at 3:05pm….can you clarify? I want to set a time aside for intentions in alignment with the proper energy portal 🙂

    • emily says:

      Thank you for the appreciation, Tysa! The next galactivation will be August 19 – we’re getting ready to send out our invite (probably tomorrow…). The void Moon ends tonight at 8:57, when the Moon goes into Virgo, and then it will go void AGAIN on Friday at 3:05pm. Happy intention-setting!

  9. Nathaniel says:

    I love your blog, Emily, and I want you to know it. It’s become required reading in my house.

  10. As ALWAYS, thank you Emily!!

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