Earth Crisis/Spiritual Crisis and the Power to Create – Neptune Stations Direct Approaching the Taurus Full Moon

neptuneFeeling spacey, sleepy, weepy, confused, overwhelmed and generally out of sorts? Welcome to Neptune-land. The God/Goddess of the Ocean is currently stationing – appearing to stand still in the sky before turning from Retrograde to forward motion on Wednesday (10:42 am Pacific). In a year when the Water element is living large, we’re in one of those times when the realm of feelings, dreams, intuition and imagination is especially accessible.

In Neptune-land, we need more rest, more sleep than usual. We need to slow down, daydream, meditate, pray, dance, make magic, make art, play music, reconnect with what inspires us, feeds our souls, and reminds us of the truth of who we are – infinite, eternal, ever-evolving threads weaving and being woven within the fabric of the Great Mystery.

The not-so-blissful side of Neptune – widely available in a culture that denies the reality of the invisible – manifests as a kind of existential grief and hopelessness, feeling abandoned by or disconnected from the divine, “all alone” instead of “all one.” Then it’s tempting to fall into your favorite addictive behavior, and, word to the wise:  please be VERY cautious this week about using any kind of substances, legal or otherwise. Your sensitivity is heightened, your judgment is not so sharp, and this is a classic cosmic moment for overdoses and adverse reactions. Seriously – at the last Neptune station, when Neptune turned Retro back in early June, I got a hangover from drinking ONE glass of sulfite-free wine. (Granted, I’m a lightweight, but still…)

Ultimately, Neptune has to do with our relationship with Spirit, which we can also think of as our relationship with our true selves – who we are beneath the roles we play, the masks we wear, the money we make or don’t make, the stuff we have or don’t have. In a culture that overvalues façade and discounts inner reality, it’s easy to lose connection with the source of our true power, and to experience ourselves as victims, unable to create positive change in our own lives and in the life of the collective.

taurus full moonAmplifying the oceanic vibes from this Neptune station, we’re also swimming in the building emotional energy of Sunday’s Full Moon (7:16 am Pacific). In Taurus – the sign of Gaia, Mother Earth – this Full Moon puts a spotlight on the dire threats to our home planet and our very survival. Foremost in my awareness is the risky fuel-assembly-removal project at Fukushima, which, if anything goes wrong, could result in catastrophic levels of radiation being released, poisoning not only Japan but the whole world.

How do we respond to this crisis, to the innumerable, escalating environmental crises? Denial is a popular choice among world leaders and the corporate media, but not the most useful. Collapsing in fear and despair – also not so helpful. A more productive approach – as suggested by the co-incidence of the Neptune station and the Taurus Full Moon – is to acknowledge the environmental crisis as a spiritual crisis, a reflection of the collective state of consciousness, and to work with this crisis as a spiritual teacher.

For some ideas on how that might look, I recommend the excellent articles: Japan, Radiation, and Spiritual Emergence by Rama Jyoti Vernon, and Fukushima And Catastrophic Climate Change: The Earth Community In Hospice, by Carolyn Baker. (Thank you, Nancy and Johanna, for sharing these!) Both include useful big-picture perspectives on the nuclear crisis, as well as practical suggestions for how we can respond.

Neptune’s station plus the Taurus Full Moon equals a lot of available creative power. The first step is to come out of denial, resist the temptation to check out, and instead tap into the higher potential of Neptune – using our imaginations to envision positive outcomes, working with spiritual technologies like prayer and meditation, feeding our souls so we have the courage and strength to face the current challenges.  The Full Moon in earthy, fertile Taurus magnifies your manifestation powers, especially when you’re rooted in your own body and to the center of the Earth, and when you’re generous with expressing gratitude, appreciation and love for your body, for the Earth and for all Life.

If you have some astro-technical know-how, you can find out how these cosmic events are playing out in your personal life. For more insight into the Neptune station, find the house in your birth chart that contains 2 degrees Pisces. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to:  use your imagination to envision your highest possible future; work with magic, spirit guides and subtle energy; surrender to the flow of the Great Mystery; practice forgiveness and unconditional love. For more insight into the Full Moon, find the house in your birth chart that contains 25 degrees Taurus. These areas of life are where you’re called to:  identify and express your needs and values; strengthen your feeling of security; practice gratitude to increase your power to manifest.

I’ll leave you with a little love from Ben Harper, one of my favorite Scorpios. I had the great privilege of seeing him live in Portland last weekend, and received a generous dose of Neptunian inspiration:

– Emily Trinkaus

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16 Responses to Earth Crisis/Spiritual Crisis and the Power to Create – Neptune Stations Direct Approaching the Taurus Full Moon

  1. Suzanne Goulet says:

    Thank you Emily!

    I alway learn so much from your posts – and understand so well how my own alignment is so reflected by what is happening cosmically.

    My best,

    Suzanne Goulet Infusing Spirit for your Success

    Energetic Healing Life Coaching Live Global Energetic Downloads

  2. Katie Todd says:

    Great post Emily! I was ready to make a fire take up knitting at 4 PM today. Craving “non-productive” space out time. Actually let myself have some for about 5 min. How do you manage to always write these posts so articulately?

    -Via phone


  3. Reblogged this on AstroSync and commented:
    Neptune and the coming Taurus Full Moon <3 Great article <3

  4. goatwool says:

    thank you for yet another sensitive , consciously thoughtful, and wise blog post. Insight and sharing that divenly guides and transforms my perception.
    again beautifully written …

  5. nick says:

    Like your references to Fukushima. Very important issue that mustn’t slide under the carpet, as so many other things seem to do in an era bombarded by a cacophony of distractions.

    • emily says:

      Yes – it’s amazing how many crises present themselves on a daily basis. And also amazing how little attention is paid to Fukushima, considering the magnitude of the threat…

  6. Hi Emily, Am I totally trippin’ or did you omit the Ben Harper quote from the end of you blog posting? Either way great article, thanks for keepin’ it real lady! And it was awesome to see you today and get re-inspired. You.totally.rock.sister. ~Kara

    • emily says:

      You’re tripping, Kara! Well, you’re probably just looking at the post on your phone or other device… There’s a Ben Harper video (With My Own Two Hands) embedded at the end of the post, which apparently isn’t showing up for you…

      Awesome to see you too! xoxo, Emily

  7. Hi Emily! Another great post!! And love the Ben Harper video… a perfect summation. As far a Fukushima goes (so scary!!), do you happen to know if there any organized mediation/prayer/visualization/lightworker movement to send massive collective healing energy to Japan?

    • emily says:

      Thank you, Alix! And what a great question – I know Dr. Masaru Emoto was doing some organized prayer for Fukushima soon after the explosion, but I don’t know of anything currently. I suspect there IS something out there, and I’m going to do some research! Let’s keep each other informed if we find out about anything. Full Moon blessings to you, Emily

  8. I love Ben Harper. Thanks for this, Emily. I’ve been feeling very sensitive, not sleeping well and generally keyed up. Can you help me figure out what house this is in for me?

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