A Spark Lit in the Dark – Today’s New Moon in Aquarius

aquariusToday’s New Moon in Aquarius (1:39 pm Pacific) invites you to get a higher perspective on your life, plant a seed for your future vision, and liberate your unique creative genius. This infusion of Aquarian energy – objective, innovative, visionary, future-oriented – arrives in the midst of deep darkness.

We’ve been in an uber-Plutonian period of meeting our shadows, feeling and releasing grief, rage, and other painful emotions, shedding the layers of family and social conditioning, and confronting the past, including coming to terms with the results of past actions.

In addition to Venus conjoining with Pluto as she stations (see my previous post), Venus and Pluto both oppose Jupiter in watery, sensitive, security-seeking Cancer. Exact on Friday, the Jupiter-Pluto opposition wants to reveal and heal our earliest conditioned responses that block us from being receptive to opportunities in the present, and from being able to envision and create a more positive future. Owning our projections and taking responsibility for our inner world have been strong themes.

The Aquarius New Moon marks the Chinese New Year, when we enter the year of the Wood Horse. I don’t pretend to know much about Chinese astrology, but what’s been happening according to Western astrology – Pluto, Pluto and more Pluto – seems to resonate with the closing out of the year of the Water Snake. The Snake is associated with both Pluto, the principle of regeneration, the shedding of the old to allow for new growth, and also, since ancient times, with Venus, the Goddess.

snake goddessIn the Venusian sense, the Snake signifies kundalini energy, which sits coiled in the base of the spine, then rises up through the chakras, infusing the body with spiritual wisdom and empowerment. Venusian priestesses used sex magic to work with this energy as a force of healing.

As we navigate the transition from Snake to Horse, we can reflect on what we’ve released, as well as the inner wisdom and empowerment we’ve gained, over the past year. For more insight into what this New Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 11 degrees Aquarius. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to:  look for and lean into the big-picture perspective; activate your radical individuality and creativity; tune into and trust your inner truth; and set intentions for experiencing more freedom, clarity, community and friendship. The most powerful times for making New Moon wishes are between 1:38 pm today and 8:45 am tomorrow (Pacific time).

– Emily Trinkaus

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15 Responses to A Spark Lit in the Dark – Today’s New Moon in Aquarius

  1. Jan Harrold says:

    Thank you so much for your insight.

  2. Katie Todd says:

    oooooooh snake goddess. sex magic. wakkah wakkah wreow! great post!

    On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 10:24 AM, virgo magic

  3. Mmmh… been wonderng why I’ve been feeling these interesting sensations in my body! haha! =)

  4. Love these posts! Thanks Emily

  5. goatwool says:

    Hallelujah, Hallelujah
    Hallelujah, Hallelujah

  6. Rochelle Tucker says:

    I looked at my birth chart and can’t find a house that contains any Aquarius. Could I be misunderstanding “find the house in your birth chart that contains 11 degrees Aquarius”?

  7. Shiana says:

    And so…I wish for a place to call home. A place that feels good and comfortable, with room to be quiet and room to be creative; room, to be loving and room to have a few friends for dinner; a place with beautiful breathing space of Nature all around it, with places that hold sacred and creative offerings . And with this home, I wish for my soul mate/twin flame to enter my life. Someone who is ready to step into relationship with me in all of his authenticity, vitality, good health, wisdom, and love, someone who intends to share a space such as this with me. And so it is…that I also wish for a time and place to step into leadership. A role as facilitator in a way that resonates deeply with me and all who participate in the gatherings I will hold. And so it is…that I wish for continued and even improved good health and vitality that clings to me for the remainder of my years. And so it is…that I rejoice and I too sing, Hallelujah, Hallelujah; Blessed be…and so it is. Aho.

  8. dyhanaverse says:

    the moon in Aquarius is transiting my 12th house, home to my natal ascendant and Saturn….. I’ve had trouble interpreting that, as it would seem like Saturn is rules and limits and the opposite of Aquarius……

    • emily says:

      Saturn is actually the traditional ruler of Aquarius (before Uranus was discovered and named the modern ruler). Saturn’s rulership of Aquarius is about the FREEDOM that comes from mastering one’s inner world, which happens when you do the work of Saturn.

      • dyhanaverse says:

        thanks! that gives me a different perspective…… and really speaks to how I have been feeling lately after several years of deep inner work 🙂 of course, there is always more to learn…….

  9. michael says:

    Thankyou for sharing your astrological wisdom with us,you pass on knowledge i would never have known, going to have to learn how to read my birth chart now, lol, my partner is the year of the snake and also a scorpio so should be a interesting year, we get married in may and my only wish would be for the love and magic of the last 19 years to continue throughout our married life, and eternity x

  10. This owning one’s projections comes to me in a very personal, internal way. It’s been given me in contemplation as the next lynchpin to my own physical and of course spiritual transformation. Excellent confirmation Emily, thank you.

    It’s also interesting that, as a Water Snake myself, the past year has been much like my second Saturn return was a couple years ago. Very deep and transformative, as well.

  11. Kathleen says:

    Thank you for sharing this knowledge. Aquarius is transiting my 2nd, my husband’s 8th and our 5th houses.

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