Venus in the Underworld – Preparing for a New Cycle of the Divine Feminine

queen of shadows

The Queen of Shadows, from Brian Froud’s The Heart of Faerie Oracle

Venus is in the Underworld – traveling so close to the Sun that she’s invisible to us Earthlings. The feminine in all of us is deeply submerged, there’s a contraction of energy, a pulling inward, a need to be alone, to be quiet, to regenerate. If Taurus and/or Libra is strong in your birth chart, you may be feeling especially hermity and Underworldish.

After shining as a bright evening star, Venus disappeared from the Western horizon on January 5, and is now preparing for her rise as a morning star, and the start of a new cycle of the Divine Feminine, on January 17. Adam Gainsburg calls this current period the “Transmigrational Underworld” – when she’s closing out one cycle and preparing to start the next:

She is migrating from one overall theme of femininity to another. At a personal level, we become undone or unmade from the prior Journey and prepare to be re-imagined and re-constituted for the subsequent Journey. In the very middle of this period when she is at her closest position to Earth, we receive a complete infusion of her energy. It’s an intensification of the qualities, potentials, rejections, strengths and weaknesses of the collective Feminine Self in humanity at that time.” (The Light of Venus, p. 230)

The “complete infusion” of Venusian energy is happening today. Venus precisely conjoins with the Sun (4:24 am Pacific), marking the midpoint of Venus Retrograde (December 21 to January 31), a time for deep reflection about your values, priorities, resources and relationships. You can get more insight into what this means for YOU by finding the house in your birth chart that contains 21 degrees Capricorn. The areas of life represented by that house are the focus of reevaluation, regeneration and renegotiation.

venus in gemini

Two Sisters by James Christensen

The waning Venus cycle started on June 11, 2012, when the Gemini Goddess made her heliacal rise – emerged from the Underworld of invisibility and rose as a morning star. What has your journey of the Divine Feminine looked like since then? What results are manifesting, and what’s coming to a close?

The sign that Venus is in when she starts her 19-month synodic cycle (her cycle of Light, how she appears in relation to the Sun), describes the presiding Goddess of this period. Caroline Casey calls Venus in Gemini “the goddess with a mouth” (Making the Gods Work for You). The feminine has been finding her voice. During this Gemini cycle, I’ve noticed a proliferation of books, blogs, workshops, etc. about the Divine Feminine – we’ve been gathering information, talking, thinking, writing, finding ways to connect and communicate with Her.

At another level, the Venus in Gemini cycle has been a time for healing duality – reconciling the apparent split between masculine and feminine, mind and body, spirit and matter. In traditional astrology Gemini is ruled by Mercury, but at an esoteric level, Gemini is thought to be ruled by Venus, “whose primary purpose is to unite all opposites in bonds of harmonious matrimony” (Alan Oken).

Venus Rises in Capricorn – the Council of Grandmothers

council of grandmothers

The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

On January 17, Venus will reappear in the pre-dawn sky, and start her new cycle in Capricorn – the Wise Woman, the Crone, the Grandmother. Venus in Capricorn calls for honoring our elders, and bringing forth the older, wiser, more mature part of ourselves.  The Venus in Capricorn cycle is a time for women to increase their worldly power and authority, and to reinsert feminine values and principles into society. (Read about the post-patriarchal refeminization of Capricorn here.)

Pluto’s long journey through Capricorn (2008-2024) signifies the death of unsustainable social systems and structures, including the economy. We’ve reached the endgame of ever-expanding markets and ever-extractable resources, the endgame of the dominator model of power required to maintain an exploitative economy. The transformation from planet-destroying to sustainable culture, a culture that plans for the needs of the next seven generations (the traditional role of the Council of 13 Grandmothers), is not going to be a top-down process. It never is.

You can see these Venusian and Plutonian Capricorn themes expressed in the Women of Fukushima mini-documentary. While the Japanese government downplays the danger of the nuclear disaster, continues to support nuclear power, and fails to respond to the needs of those affected by radiation, a group of women have emerged to speak their truth and stand for justice:

The nuclear power plants were built by men. Men who say that money is important. That’s what we want to change, with our feminine style and our feminine sensibilities. The most important things are life, health and raising healthy children. We don’t need nuclear power for this. We are fighting to show that there are more important things than money.

World leaders are scheduled to be colossal disappointments while Pluto is in Capricorn, inspiring a disillusioned public to withdraw its projection of authority onto external entities and reclaim responsibility for creating the world we want to live in. As one of the Fukushima women says, “Each and every one of us must change, or the government won’t change.

– Emily Trinkaus

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16 Responses to Venus in the Underworld – Preparing for a New Cycle of the Divine Feminine

  1. Gilly Adkins says:

    dear emily i just want to say how much i appreciate you and your writings you are my veritable astro goddess big hug to you love gilly

  2. thanks so much for this, Emily! I sent a link to my daughter in japan–

  3. Laura Washington says:

    Looks like this is the perfect week for a Venusian to be on retreat 🙂 Love, Me


  4. Tree says:

    Thankyou for this and your other insightful writings… this would be an auspicious time to begin a new relationship, at least if both members have paramount respect for Venus would it not? Or a relationship with oneself in a new light of intimacy…

  5. Dan says:

    Thanks so much for your reflections on Venus retrograde. In our culture I think we often don’t have a healthy kind of perspective on Venusian issues. Maybe that’s an understatement. And like all the retrogrades, I think there is a tendency to want to ignore the opportunity for deeper reflection around the planet’s themes, and thus Venus retro in particular can be felt as a difficult one with issues of relational difficulty or loneliness coming up, as well as issues around basic materiality and resources. Interestingly for me it has been a highly social time lately, yet I’ve rarely felt more hermit-like in my inclinations and more prone to observing my deeply embedded relational patterns and the ways in which they have been triggered/highlighted in these social encounters. It has been hard to the point of despairing but also nearly exhilarating in the view towards a new landscape of experience and response.

  6. John Glavis says:

    Thanks for your excellent post..
    As a lifetime astrologer and bisexual man… I was wondering how you feel about moving beyond gender by widening the archetype of the Divine Feminine to include the ancient definition of Venus as Lucifer…”Light-Bearer”….now part of the demonized feminine earth known as Pan? My only concern in your writing is that there seems an absence of such “Father Earth” feminine elements and a blaming of men for the world’s evil plan…which is clearly understandable given out history of misogyny and overwhelming ecological destruction. But when I read, “The nuclear power plants were built by men” I am reminded of the women engineers I met who were on the team as architects of the new Perry Nuclear plant under construction in 1970’s Ohio…. which I – (a man)- fought unsuccessfully to stop. I will never forget the demeaning comments made to me by those women when I reminded them how their participation in such dire technology seemed incongruous to life…as they then “patronized” my comments as infantile and not worthy of consideration. What I have learned over time, is that we are moving beyond the Piscean polarities of gender…..race…..and any “other”…and that I have since become careful now with my languaging so to not create further separation stemming from my own internal wounds. In this new Aquarian Eon that we are entering together…I feel it is our responsibility to step into a place that can hold all dichotomies within our ever-widening heart…. so we can start to make sure none are left out in the dark. From a Plutonian perspective, the darkness, the feminine, is so much older than the light…and it waited as the woman forever for that first spark within to bring us into what we have now come to call the Day. I pray for all of us…all my sisters and brothers…fathers and mothers…every piece of this diversity that plays within us and without… to manifest the myriad of majesties available to this human condition. That is the promise of love…the promise of Venus…the gift that transcends every attempt to exclude any part of this noble creation….

    • emily says:

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, John – I very much appreciate your response, and I want to apologize for any connotation of blaming men. That is not my intention, but rather, to name and transform the paradigm that has systematically excluded women and feminine principles. Of course there are individual women who are working in nuclear power plants (and the military, and making weapons, etc.), and there are many men who are working toward a new paradigm of peace and sustainability (and I have much respect and gratitude for you), but it’s also true that those who have the financial resources and political power (basically the same thing) to build nuclear power plants (start wars, etc.) are predominantly men. So I think of the Fukushima woman’s comment as an expression of outrage against this male-dominated system, and while anger isn’t where we want to get stuck, it can be an important step in the healing and awakening process. I’m totally with you in agreeing that we’re moving into a paradigm beyond gender polarity. In this stage, where I think we still have a lot of healing to do around the feminine – and a lot to learn about what it means, how to embody it, etc. – it still feels useful for me to work with Venus as the Goddess, and a lot of my own work has to do with helping women reclaim their Divine Feminine, to know, value and love ourselves as expressions of the Divine. And from that place of deep self-love and self-worth and connection with spirit, to step into greater power in the world. However, I think there are MANY approaches needed right now, and I love what you have to say about Lucifer, and I have great respect for the work you’re doing and the new consciousness that you’re bringing in. Thank you again for your wise words. in gratitude, Emily

  7. Bridget Regan says:

    John G…………wonderful to read what you write… ………..thank you & Emily too…for the mind&spirit food……….good luck to you both.Bridget

  8. L B says:

    Venus goes Rx as an evening star and emerges as a morning star.  Her transit/conjunction with the sun in June of 2012 changed her from a morning to evening star.



  9. L B says:

    sorry, my mistake.  You were right.  I was thinking of her conjunction with the sun in 2013 making her an evening star.



  10. Wow thank you for this. Feeling very inspired by your style of interpretation. Such a beautiful balance between grounded practicality and enlightened spirituality. I am beginning my journey as an astrologer after my first school chapter in conventional academia and a 4-year hiatus as a wandering van gypsy. I am now grounding and embarking on the integration of my various passions and skills. Your style of writing feels like a beautiful bridge between the star-paper-writer I once was in school and the creative explorer of the mystery that now motivates me. Thank you for offering an example that these worlds can co-exist. Looking forward to reading more of your written artistry as I cultivate my own style of expression (:

    • emily says:

      Thank you so much for your appreciation, Lauren! And congratulations on beginning your journey as an astrologer – very exciting. As one who also “escaped” from academia, I can relate to where you’re at… Best wishes to you, Emily

  11. This was spot on!! Thank you!!

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