Crucify the Old Stories, Resurrect Your Divine Body – the Peak of the Cardinal Grand Cross, Venus in Pisces, and the Grand Water Trine

cardinal crossWelcome to the most intense astrology of 2014, the Cardinal Grand Cross – humanity at a crossroads, a radical turning point in our personal and collective stories. What’s dying? What wants to be born, reborn, reclaimed?

The peak activation of the Cross (April 20-23) just happens to coincide with Easter, honoring the death and resurrection of the crucified Christ. Like all Christian holidays, Easter has its roots in a pagan holy day – the Spring Equinox celebration of fertility and rebirth (in case you were wondering what eggs and bunnies have to do with Jesus).

The co-incidence of the Cardinal Cross and the Christian holiday of crucifixion points to the bigger story of now – our transition out of the Age of Pisces (the Fish), which started around the birth of Christ. We’re working through shadow Pisces dynamics of worship, martyrdom and victimization, resulting from projecting god outside the self, and separating spirit and matter, consciousness and embodiment, divinity and sexuality. Where are you playing the victim or martyr? Where are you sacrificing your truth, denying your desires, giving away your authority and feeling crucified?

cardinal cross

Cardinal Cross, chart for April 22, 12:28 pm PDT

The precise alignment of the Cardinal Cross (see image) occurs at 13 degrees, the number sacred to the Goddess. Venus, the archetypal divine feminine since ancient times – known as Inanna, Isis, Ishtar, Astarte, etc. – completes five synodic cycles, forming a five-pointed star (pentagram) in the sky, every eight years. 5+8=13. The Moon, another signifier of the feminine and traditionally associated with the Triple Goddess (Maiden, Mother, Crone), completes 13 cycles in one year.

As I wrote in my previous post, Venus is extra-powerful right now – both of April’s Eclipses occur in her signs (Libra and Taurus), and she’s in Pisces, the sign of her exaltation. The symbol for Pisces is said to come from the Vesica Piscis/Pisces (literally, “the bladder of a fish”), an ancient geometrical figure (see image). The Vesica Pisces has been associated with the Goddess for thousands of years, and more specifically, with the feminine power of giving birth – the almond-shaped figure in the center symbolizes the vagina.

vesica piscesDerek Murphy, in the brilliantly titled article Mary’s Vulva: Jesus Christ, Vesica Pisces and the Christian Fish Symbol, explains:

“In the mysteries of Ephesus, the Goddess wore this symbol [Vesica Pisces] over her genital region, and in the Osiris story, the lost penis was swallowed by a fish which represented the vulva of Isis. Likewise, in many examples of Christian art, Jesus Christ is proceeding from this symbol, representing his birth from the Goddess.”

Murphy goes on to show how the Christian Fish symbol comes from the Vesica Pisces – which you can see in the center shape plus the lines of the tail. (Now when I see the Fish on the back of someone’s car, I think: Mary’s vulva.)

Why am I spending so much time on this? Who cares? One of the major themes of the Cardinal Grand Cross is transforming, healing and breaking free from the old, disempowering “origin stories” – signified by Jupiter in Cancer opposite Pluto and square Uranus. Whether or not you were the direct recipient of religious conditioning, we in the modern West are steeped in the Judeo-Christian paradigm of “original sin.” Sex is dirty and evil, women’s sexuality is especially evil, and so we’re all, so to speak, screwed from the beginning.

venus in pisces

Venus in Pisces, collage by Emily

Can we all just pause for a moment and imagine what adolescence would have been like, what our intimate relationships and sex lives would be like, what our relationship with our own bodies would be like, and what the whole freakin’ world would be like, if we’d grown up with a sexual Jesus, a lover of women? With a Mary Magdalene who was Jesus’s spiritual equal and partner in sacred sexuality? With a Mother Mary whose “divine birth” of Jesus had nothing to do with chastity and everything to do with the sacredness of ALL life, as if the ability to create another human in one’s body were a divine miracle in and of itself?

Mars, the Sacred Masculine, is the most “personal” planet involved in the Cardinal Cross, i.e., the planet closest to Earth and therefore the most accessible entry point. Mars in the Cross is about shedding old, distorted versions of masculinity, which we see living large in the culture in the form of war, rape and planetary destruction. The masculine becomes distorted without the balance and integration of the feminine, and this is the agenda of Mars Retrograde in Venus-ruled Libra – the re-wedding of opposites, the restoration of the Sacred Marriage. We transform the origin stories that have distorted the masculine and excised the feminine by embodying our own divinity, by divinizing our bodies and sexuality.

grand water trine

chart cast for April 22, 12:28 pm PDT

Support for this healing and transformative process comes in the form of a Grand Water Trine (which looks like a big triangle – see image) that’s happening simultaneously with the Cardinal Grand Cross. Venus conjoins Chiron in Pisces – signifying healing the feminine through dissolving the false separation between spirit and body – and they trine Saturn in Scorpio (shadow work) and Jupiter in Cancer (origin stories, the roots of religion).

While a Grand Cross holds the energy of maximum friction – and, let’s face it, friction is usually what it takes to motivate us into action and make a change – a Grand Trine is an alignment of ease, flow and harmony, and requires more intention and awareness to access its power. In the Water element – the uber-yin, invisible realm of feelings, intuition and dreams – this Grand Trine is about FEELING and BEING, though, with Saturn (structure, boundaries, discipline) involved, this being-ness wants to happen in a structured way. This could look like: setting aside a specific time to let yourself cry it all out, grieve, really feel everything – and then come back; or committing to a consistent practice of meditation, yoga, sacred sexuality, dancing, making art, communing with nature – whatever activity (or non-activity) helps you connect with that feeling of expansion beyond the “little self,” the feeling of union with all life.

The optimal use of the Grand Water Trine is to help us dissolve the false polarities and dualities that keep us stretched between opposites, and return to the truth of our wholeness, our embodied divinity. This is the consciousness that can support us in following the call of the Cross – stepping into our authenticity, authority and power. The unconscious, shadow expression of this Grand Water Trine brings a feeling of poor me, it’s all too much, I just want to check out/escape/go back to sleep. Again, balancing the yin and yang is key – there’s a time to soothe and nurture and comfort and rest, and a time to take a risk, step outside your comfort zone, and do the very thing that terrifies/excites you.

– Emily Trinkaus

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44 Responses to Crucify the Old Stories, Resurrect Your Divine Body – the Peak of the Cardinal Grand Cross, Venus in Pisces, and the Grand Water Trine

  1. I’ve felt the energy beginning to move forward the last few days…something is happening! GREAT post, Emily! ( I need to re-listen to my reading…)

  2. Gabe Nies says:

    holy shit you make the most sense of all the astrologers. my next reading is with YOU. currently saturn in scorpio and money came to a screeching halt. but not to worry. i’ve been a big fan of yours for quite a while. thank you for this emily!

  3. MimiK says:

    This post is nothing short of astonishing. I agree with Gabe. Your take on the CGC, Emily, is the best of all (and I read everyone).

    A possible Vescia Pisces synchronicity:
    I spent part of this morning wandering through Medieval history that led me to the famous female playwright Hrosvitha, a nun in the middle ages who wrote Comedies — ! — celebrating transcendent sacrifice in sexual, passionate romantic love. That’s Pisces Vescia!!

    “Hrosvitha” means “strong voice.” She was trying to give Pisces Vescia a strong voice in her amazing, outside the box, Comedies about transcendent sexual love.

    Here’s the astrological kicker: There is an asteroid named after her (spelled Roswitha).
    I looked up my natal Roswitha and could not believe it: it is in 6h/Taurus, exact within a few minutes in opposition to my Sun in 12/Scorpio. My life’s work is combining drama and sustainability to heal the earth (6H/Taurus), which involves giving a “strong voice” to Comedy as the wisdom it originally was.

    Discovery date for Roswitha: October 11, 1906. Libra. Balance, justice, fairness. About a year after its discovery, women got the vote for the first time in history.

    I am now wondering whether asteroid Roswitha figures strongly in women playwrights & comedians…???

    Anyway, amazing post.

    • emily says:

      Thank you for the appreciation, Mimi – and for the info on Hrosvitha – super-cool! Had not heard of her, and I’m going to check out where the Roswitha asteroid is in my chart. Sounds like you’ve got a great astro-research project idea…

  4. goatwool says:

    thank you for this knowledgable, intuitive and thoughtful posting. I too have felt some significant shifts and openings the past few days and Venus and the Water Trine have appeared in consciousness.
    I’m curious about the crop circle (ish) image. Is it sourced or collage.
    No doubt made by Easter bunnies – lol.
    Very grounding and motivating post !!!!
    thx 🙂

  5. Emily you are fabulous! I have been seeking the divine feminine for 25 years and now I am understanding why! I would that every young girl could catch a glimpse of those magic ideas. Maybe that time is near! Blessings.

    Sent from my IPad.


  6. Sexual Jesus – brilliant! It’s amazing how one lie creates such a domino effect that has repressed billions sexually. Jesus was a man – a brilliant healer, but he was a sexual being as well. Bless you for shining the light on this truth and asking us to all look within and see how this truth alone could shift so much for each of us. Love! Xo

  7. so chock full! ruben hurricane carter just died…seems appropriate timing given his story. as well as my revisting a memory card of my grandmother who died 7 years ago. and the quote is “I am the resurrection and the life he/she who believes in me even if he/she dies shall live”…the living resurrection…

    • emily says:

      Ah, yes, Ruben Hurricane Carter certainly played out the death and resurrection cycle, bless him. Thank you for making that wise connection.

  8. Lehze says:

    I see that Jupiter is at the corner of both the trine and the square. It also happens to be sitting on my ascendant and my moon. Something I have been grappling with trenmendously recently is finding the happy place between compassion / caretaking and giving myself away in a martyr-like way. I am a natural caretaker and for the most part I embrace the role. I also deeply believe in love and compassion as a transformative solution to most problems. However, when it rolls into martyrdom, it becomes something of a problem itself. And especially when romantic love gets involved – yikes – I for one can make a mess there. So Jupiter in cancer seems to be a kind of fulcrum, or a point where the problem and solution meet. Does this make sense?
    Thank you so much for your great work, Emily. We appreciate all the gifties of your brilliance!

    • Mary says:

      When we forget self-compassion and self-love we open the door to the martyr archetype.
      If we are able to offer care to others from the recognition and honoring of ourselves as gift then there is no depletion, no burden…no martyr.
      Love IS the most potent transformational power in the cosmos. When we forget to offer it to ourselves first, it becomes something else.

      It is important to cultivate and maintain self-full boundaries…especially for women. Sometimes a “no” to others is a very loud “YES” to self. When we put ourselves first in line for our own lives, it is amazing what becomes available to be shared, lived and celebrated!

  9. sballou says:

    Thank you. Thank you. This is the best description of what is happening right now. Thank you. I am a Pisces with venus in Pisces, ascent in Libra. I feel centered after reading this article.

  10. Jeanette says:

    Powerful message, Emily, and beautifully expressed!

  11. Really great blog Emily, this one was especially powerful!

  12. Alyson Earl says:

    Pure genius! Saving, sharing, re-reading. Thank you.

  13. Michael Jones says:

    Always love reading what you have to say, especially the bit about re wedding of opposites, as my good lady whose a Scorpio and i who are a Gemini and are so opposite get married next month, whoop whoop x

  14. Marion Warfield says:

    Beloved Emily, So glad I stopped to take the time to read this!!!Caring for my father and myself..and meeting multipledead-lines in last few months, I have not had luxury of energy to read e-mail! This astrological info is soooofascinating and fantastic at same time and true. This ishappening to me now. So glad I had this astro report to readand ground me, and give me big picture, and it all fits..Good things are coming into being from long, hard work andpersistence…Look forward to being more involved in my own life!And that means being heard and seen. See you this year! Love you Em,- Marion

    Marion WarfieldHost, Naturalist Skills Community NightCascadia Wild ‘Creatively enhancing personal connection to nature and community’dancing in the dharma, naturally503-240-7435

    Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2014 21:27:00 +0000 To:

  15. Ava says:

    My birthday tomorrow, Venus return exact today, nearly all natal planets & ASC in either Taurus or Libra, Jupiter currently right near my MC and NN… interesting times right now for sure 🙂 Thanks for this article I really enjoyed it! Just hope I can make it through what wants to come up in me right now… painful stuff

    • emily says:

      Happy birthday, Ava! You can make it – the cosmic alignments are always perfect for who you are and where you’re at.

      • Ava says:

        Thank you Emily! Okay so something wild happened this morning in relation to your post–I was trying to pick out a belt to wear with my outfit and I found one that I bought back in in the mid-late 90’s, it’s one of the few clothing articles I still possess from high school–I noticed that the belt buckle is that exact venn diagram-ish feminine symbol you posted here!!! You don’t see the symbol when it’s buckled but if you undo it, there it is! This was the belt I always wore back in the day and I’ve kept it all this time–for a hidden reason, I’m now realizing! So, thank you for that. 🙂

  16. Doe Renée says:

    wow…. such truth:) we are, I am Love.

  17. Julie says:

    When I read these post, I experience a wave of relief. I’m not an astrologer, but I’ve followed various interpretations of the movement of the heavens. Yours, with your emphasis on the sacred feminine, are like balm to my scorched soul — they are what I’ve been looking for. They support and validate, out here in the world, what I have known in my heart and have finally come to believe. So thank you, thank you, thank you for these soul-reviving insights in my in-box.

  18. I am pisces and helped a dear friend transcend from this life to the next with ho’oponopono, prayer, singing and shamanism. I am so grateful to know the stars were illuminating their wisdom on us. Life and death are just a breath away. Our life, our story, our healing journey.


    I so love your elucidations and insights! I couldn’t resist responding with a collage piece I did, in honor of The Feminine, called “M’other Love”. That gorgeous sexy woman substituted for the familiar dour Madonna in a classical painting, is Gina Lollabrigida, a famous beauty who embodies – to me – many of the positive/powerful aspects of femininity from which we’ve become so estranged. Hope you can take a look, and enjoy. Thank you again for your wonderful post!

  20. omni says:

    Awesome post Emily. So this is the first Grand Cardinal Cross in the age of Aquarius. Jesus did die on a cross, this astrological cross. Hence why the 23rd of April is also the day of St.George who’s symbol is the cross! 🙂

  21. Antonio says:

    Clear, strong, beautiful post
    It has encouraged me to learn more about astrology
    Can you recommend a book for a beginner?
    Happy trails under the stars!

    • emily says:

      Thank you, Antonio! My favorite astro book is Caroline Casey’s Making the Gods Work for You – it’s very accessible and fun to read, totally great for beginners as well as more advanced astro-students. Also, Steven Forrest’s The Inner Sky is a great beginner’s book.

  22. wren says:

    thank you! i have been feeling this, especially the watery feminine, release & allow greater room for my own divine feminine to rise and have space over the last few days. this is my first stop at this blog- i was attracted bc my sun sign is a virgo too and i believe in magic 😉 i especially love this:
    “Can we all just pause for a moment and imagine what adolescence would have been like, what our intimate relationships and sex lives would be like, what our relationship with our own bodies would be like, and what the whole freakin’ world would be like, if we’d grown up with a sexual Jesus, a lover of women?”
    Yes! Thank you again. blessings <3 wren

  23. Brian K Lindsay says:

    While I definetely feel the good intentions I take issue with your denouncement of the importance of the virtue of chastity… the true meaning of chasitiy is purity in conduct and intention in the use of the sexual energy (love) which is an essential virtue to have and to maintain. There are very wise instructions for how to obtain this and it is incredibly hard to obtain. Revolution is a sexual problem and the reason that we suffer is exactly because we were never taught the truth about what it means to have pure intentions because of the multitude of conflicting ideas. This is the reason we develop the ego as children… because each person uses and abuses sex in different ways and we see this behaviour and learn to mimic it. This is why we work through shadow in order to devolve the ego for the spirit to enter. This is why when people abstain from proper sexual transmutation they deteriorate and die. This is why our planet is dieing. Because we a re wasteful with our sexual intentions.

    • emily says:

      hi Brian – Nowhere did I mention the importance or lack thereof of the “virtue of chastity” – what I’m talking about is honoring sexuality as sacred, instead of splitting off the body/sexuality from divinity and making the former taboo, shameful, and “dirty” – idealizing women as virgins or condemning/punishing them as whores, as in the Mother Mary/Mary Magdalene duality. What I’m talking about is an ancient understanding that sexuality and the sexual parts of the body are the origins of life, and therefore worthy of the utmost respect, honor and celebration. I’m in agreement with you that the distortion and abuse of sexual energy, and specifically the centuries of violence against women’s sexuality, are at the root of our current social crises. Emily

      • Brian K Lindsay says:

        Thank you for clearing that up… although I still don’t see what’s wrong with idealizing women as virgins I.e. puritans… especially when they are… to realize that and honor that and remove animal desires is definitely a most wonderful thing to experience… the way I interpreted your article it almost sounded like you hated virgins and that you should give into desire… I see all desire to satisfy ones self wastefully as original sin

        • Mary says:

          Hello Brian,
          You wrote:
          “I still don’t see what’s wrong with idealizing women as virgins I.e. puritans… especially when they are…”

          There is a difference between valuing and idealizing. When we idealize people, we objectify them-eclipsing who they truly are with our self-created image of them. Pedestalling people only creates separation. What the energies of these profound planetary movements have been doing is showing us where we are holding these illusions and shattering the pedestals, the false masks and the illusions to free us to truly be who we came here to be. Especially with Pluto in Capricorn, we are seeing many of the patriarchal structures crumbling because they no longer serve the common good.

          The original essence of virginity is one who belongs only to herself/himself. One who is free and not under the “influence” or control of another. For centuries, mainstream religion has coopted the definition of virginity to associate it with “acceptable sexuality” for their own purposes. This has worked very well for those who hold the positions of power and privilege in the church hierarchies in their agenda to control and subjugate women.

          If we truly believe that humans were created in the image and likeness of God and that Jesus came to demonstrate living as a Divine Being in a human form, then ALL of our aspects are sacred. To fully live and celebrate these gifts is to fully honor what we have been given. If we also believe that the gifts of the earth are sacred, then our winged and four legged brothers and sisters are also to be honored. Many species…wolves, swans, owls, cardinals, and others mate for life. With these beings, there is no pretense they live their essence fully (or as fully as they can given the destruction that human beings have wrought upon their homes).

          Emily’s point that “sexuality and the sexual parts of the body are the origins of life, and therefore worthy of the utmost respect, honor and celebration” is spot on.
          We are being given unparalleled opportunities to reexamine everything we have been taught and to choose and live for ourselves what is Truth.

          When we choose from a place of love and honoring of self and others then how is exploitation or harm of self, others or our planet possible?

  24. emily says:

    Thank you, Mary, for your intelligent and beautifully articulated response – I couldn’t agree more.

    Brian – I’ve been doing a lot of research on early Christianity. The “virgin birth” was only codified in the way that we now interpret it (i.e., the idea that Mary didn’t have sex) by the Roman patriarchs hundreds of years after Christ. As Naomi Wolf writes (in her latest book, Vagina): “Biblical scholars generally agree that the ideology of Mary’s sacred virginity was a much belated construct of the Church, and that it cannot be confirmed in the original texts of the New Testament, which suggest that Mary had several children. The complex creed about Mary’s virginity that we inherit was accepted, indeed, only five centuries after the events described or narrated in the New Testament – officially only in 451 CE, at the Council of Chalcedon.” FYI, the word “virgin” simply meant “young woman” and also, in some cases, an “unmarried woman.”

    Catholic priests were not required to be celibate until about 500AD, when the Roman Church wanted to make sure that priests didn’t have children to inherit their property – instead, it would belong to the Church. Furthermore, there is ample evidence (particularly in the Gnostic Gospels) that Christ was indeed a sexual being, likely married to or otherwise intimate with Mary Magdalene (who, by the way, was NOT a prostitute – even the Roman Church, in 1969, officially admitted their error in categorizing her as a whore – though apparently most of the parishioners never got the memo).

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