Nurturing A New Vision – Friday’s New Moon in Cancer

cancer new moon

collage by Emily

Friday’s New Moon (1:09 am Pacific) is in watery, sensitive Cancer, the sign of home, family, security, nourishment and foundation. At the New Moon, the solar principle — consciousness, transcendence, spirit — unites with the lunar principle — the subconscious, immanence, the body — inviting you to re-anchor your higher path, your soul’s calling, into here-and-now reality.

The New Moon, at 5 Cancer, occurs just a few degrees from where Mercury turned Retrograde on June 7 (at 3 Cancer). All the Mercury Retro reviewing, revising and renewing of the past few weeks crystallize into a fertile vision seed at the New Moon. The final pieces of the puzzle are falling into place as Mercury prepares to turn direct (forward) on July 1, and as we emerge (at last!) from the Mars Retro shadow on July 20.

There’s a layer that wants to be shed, an old skin you’ve outgrown, a deeper level of true self ready to be revealed. This New Moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn, Underworld God/dess, suggesting that the new vision seed you’re planting can’t fit within the constraints of old attachments. What are you holding onto that you think is keeping you safe and secure, but is actually limiting your power, growth and evolution? Pluto wants to help you move through, transmute and transform feelings of insecurity, so you can deepen your sense of INNER security, regardless of external circumstances.

neptuneThe New Moon’s close trine (120-degree angle of harmony and support) to Neptune in Pisces helps you connect with source consciousness, the ultimate level of reality where you, as an infinite being, are always safe and secure. This Neptunian New Moon suggests taking some quiet time to receive nurturing from the Dreamtime. Art, music, poetry, dance, mediation, prayer, yoga, and dream work are all Neptunian strategies for replenishing your soul and fertilizing your vision seed.

To get more insight into what this New Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 5 degrees Cancer. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to:  strengthen your foundation of support; release old emotional patterns or attachments; increase your sense of inner security; re-set your emotional compass; and plant a new vision for your future. The best time for making wishes and setting intentions is between 1:08 am Friday and 6:02 pm Saturday (Pacific time).

– Emily Trinkaus

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6 Responses to Nurturing A New Vision – Friday’s New Moon in Cancer

  1. I read your post and wanted to hit the “like” button, but cannot find it on your page.

    • emily says:

      Thank you! There’s a button to share the post on Facebook just above your comment – or you can “like” my Virgo Magic page on Facebook (in the right sidebar). New Moon blessings, Emily

  2. Cara says:

    So interesting! As a New Moon baby, I am feeling the energy and receiving more guidance. Interesting too that I chose to post a throwback Thursday photo of me with a snaked I briefly cared for 🙂
    Love your posts and looking forward to a future reading.
    Question: Do you read children’s charts? I’ve been thinking about having them done for my two little boys as a tool for supporting and understanding them.

  3. Helen Dixon says:

    I love the synchronicity of this post, thank you

  4. puresusan says:

    The timing is perfect for this message and speaks directly to my higher self. Is a time for deliberate, cosmic-aligned action.

  5. Karen Hannegan says:

    Emily, you are always spot on with your interpretation of the stars. I love you expansive views and deep knowledge! Karen

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