alcyoneThe Alcyone School for Engaged Astrology

The 2013-2014 apprenticeship is currently underway, and I’ll be accepting new students in the spring of 2015.

Are you ready to take the next step toward becoming a professional astrologer? Do you long for in-person mentoring, hands-on practice working with clients, and a community of astro-students to learn and grow with? Located in Portland, Oregon, the Alcyone apprenticeship is for students of astrology who want to develop the knowledge, skills and experience to work with clients professionally.

“Being an Alcyone apprentice was life-changing.  I went from being a student of astrology to being an astrologer.   Emily is so passionate about this art, this science, this magic that is astrology and her students are inspired along with her.  The practical approach and consistency of modules make the learning both deep and accessible.” – Aubrie De Clerck, 2011 graduate

Working with each others’ birth charts and with live “practice clients,” you’ll get plenty of hands-on experience using astrology as a tool for healing, spiritual growth and successfully navigating this moment in time. By the end of the program, you’ll have the skills and confidence to work with clients on your own.

Throughout the program, our focus will be:

– using astrology as a transformational tool for growth and healing
– developing fluency in speaking astrology
– communicating astro-insights in a way that is meaningful, useful and empowering

“You did a wonderful job of helping us build a strong foundation for our lifelong practice of astrology.” – Mari Saint-Pierre, 2011 graduate

Interested? See Alcyone details for more info. Or feel free to contact Emily:, 503-288-7097.

Alcyone graduates include:

Aubrie De Clerck, Career Coach & Astrologer – Coaching for Clarity
Mari Saint-Pierre, Astrologer – Night Side of the Moon
Stephanie Shea, Astrologer, Writer & Musician – Cardinal Fire Astrology
Stephanie Wilder, Astrologer & Designer – I Heart Astrology
Brandie Taylor, Astrologer, Tarot Reader & Magic Candle Maker – Magic Hour Astrology
Loren MccRory, Astrologer & Astrology Editor/Publisher – Lorecroft Astrology
Mardi Palan, Astrologer, Essential Oil Alchemist & Hair Artist – Mardi Palan

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