* I’m currently taking a break from offering personal sessions, except within the context of the Venus Revolution and Galactic Priestess Deep Dive. If you’re interested in a personal reading, I recommend checking out the graduates of my astrology apprenticeship. *

“Rarely are expectations exceeded, but this is one such instance. Emily is extraordinarily gifted, in so many dimensions. My Astro-BodyTalk session was an encounter that has continued to resonate profoundly in spiritual, psychic, and intellectual ways.” – Kimberly

bodytalkWhat Is BodyTalk?

BodyTalk is a complete energy healing system based on the premise that your body is a miraculous self-healing mechanism. In a BodyTalk session, we access the body’s innate wisdom to uncover the root causes of symptoms, whether emotional, mental, spiritual or physiological. By bringing these causes into awareness, we help activate your body’s ability to heal itself.

In my 20-plus years of exploring natural healing, BodyTalk is the most powerful and efficient modality I have experienced. BodyTalk has helped people heal a wide range of physical and emotional issues, including allergies, parasites, back pain, digestive problems, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, and much more.

astro bodytalkAstro-BodyTalk

Astro-BodyTalk is my unique blending of astrology and BodyTalk. Sessions bring underlying patterns into consciousness, give a higher perspective to current challenges, and provide support for times of transition.

Astrology is a language of the cosmos, offering valuable information about your life’s path, strengths and challenges, and how to best navigate this particular time period. BodyTalk is a language of the body, providing a means of communicating with your body’s innate wisdom.

An Astro-BodyTalk session is ideal for addressing a specific issue, block or challenge in your life. First, we’ll spend 30-40 minutes looking at your birth chart and the current planetary influences, focusing on your concerns and questions.

Your birth chart provides a map of your psyche, helping to clarify the source of any challenges as well as resources you can draw on to heal and move forward. The current planetary influences (transits) reveal the energy currently available to you and how you can utilize it for success. I digitally record this reading for you.

Then we’ll do a BodyTalk session to provide balance and support for addressing the issues that emerged in the reading. BodyTalk is a powerful modality for gently and efficiently clearing physical, mental and emotional blocks, allowing you to experience greater ease and freedom in your life.

Details about sessions

I offer sessions via phone, Skype or Google hangout. I record the session for you digitally and email you the file.  I accept payment by check or PayPal.

“I had a combined Astrology Reading and BodyTalk session with Emily and I continue to feel a profound shift, ease, and flow in my life and energy. I recommend Emily’s work to anyone that feels like they are stuck or struggling in their life or just feel they are missing ‘something.’ Knowing how to work with your astrological energy and timing can make even a ‘difficult’ time easier and more empowering.” – Angela K. Portland, OR

“I want to thank you for your fabulous session. I had an amazing healing, and more healing happening afterward. It opened a door.” – D.L.


90-minute session:  $272

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