Review, Renew and Redo: The Meaning and Purpose of Mercury Retrograde
a teleclass open to everyone (astro-beginners welcome!), $15

mercury retrogradeMercury Retrograde gets a bad rap, but like ALL planetary events, it serves a purpose. The planets are not out to get you, they are simply telling you what time it is, and when you cooperate with the cosmic flow, you experience more ease and success.

Just in time for our next Mercury Retro cycle – October 4-25 – join this teleclass to learn:

  • the meaning and purpose of Mercury Retrograde
  • guidelines for successfully navigating its energy
  • what the heck is the Retrograde “shadow”??
  • how to find where Mercury Retro is happening in YOUR chart (and what that means and why you should care)
  • why some Mercury Retros feel more personally intense than others
  • and what it means when Mercury Retro interacts with planets in your birth chart

You don’t need any astro-know-how to participate – all levels of experience, including astro-beginners, are welcome! One satisfied student said:

“Thanks Emily, that was a great class! I already knew that Mercury Retrograde wasn’t a bad thing, yet your way of talking about it really deepened my understanding of this great gift that Mercury’s cycling brings. and how to work with it practically.”

Buy the recording for $15 (please wait a moment after making the purchase – you’ll be redirected to the page with the recording):

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  1. Please offer this online after the in person event!

  2. Kris says:

    I second that, Clarisa! :)

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