emily and katieLunar Galactic Activation – Calling All Priestesses!
a teleclass series for women who are ready to embrace their feminine power

with Emily and amazing energy healer Katie Todd

Join us on Thursday, August 27 – Pisces Full Moon – we’ll get galactic as we explore the magic of the Full Moon

In this key evolutionary phase, our role as women is to reclaim our authority and reawaken our priestess powers. This series activates your memory of the truth of who you are – an infinite being with the power of the galaxy flowing through you in every moment. Jump in for one call or for the whole series!

We’ll meet at the Full Moon, when the cosmic tides reach their monthly peak, and revelation, healing and breakthrough are readily accessible. First, Emily will discuss the power potential of the Full Moon, revealing how to successfully navigate the planetary energies. The focus will be on co-creating with the Multiverse for growth and transformation.

Then, Katie will connect and align the group with the planetary energies and harness them to the specific needs of the women on the call. This energetic alignment serves to clear blocks, stagnation and disempowerment, both personally and collectively. We will tap directly into the cosmos to support you in embodying galactic wisdom and carrying it forward into your life.

In these unique, fun and inspiring sessions you will:

– Deepen your understanding of the meaning and purpose of this moment in time.
– Pull in the energy of the planets and increase your felt connection with cosmic forces.
– Learn practical guidance for working with the available planetary energies.
– Receive support for claiming and expressing your feminine power.
– Access the power of the group energy field.
– Successfully ride the Full Moon surf!
– Join a galactic party without dressing up and going anywhere.
– Become a Full Moon Galactivator and embody your Priestess Power!

For all the details, and to sign up for the next Lunar Galactic Activation, click here.


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