Venus, Mary Magdalene and the Reemerging Sacred Feminine
recorded July 22, 2014 as a fundraising teleclass for the City of Joy

mary magdaleneJuly 22 is the traditional Feast Day of Mary Magdalene, and this teleclass honors Christianity’s “hidden goddess,” exploring:

  • The significance of Mary Magdalene within the context of the closing Piscean Age
  • Evidence that Mary Magdalene was NOT a penitent whore or Jesus’ wife but a Venusian priestess of the Goddess
  • The “War on Venus” – aka the Inquisition and “witch hunts” – and the legacy of sexual violence against women
  • The reemerging archetype of the Sacredly Sexual Priestess

This event was a fundraiser for a project of V-Day, the City of Joy – a transformational community of women helping women heal from sexual violence in the Congo. If you feel inspired to make a contribution after listening to the recording, you can do so here.


crop circleNeptune Enters Pisces: Inspiring A New Vision
a talk at New Renaissance Bookshop on July 29

“Run, my friends, run far away from all false solutions
Let divine passion triumph and rebirth you in yourself” – Rumi

Neptune enters Pisces this year, for the first time since 1861. Neptune in Pisces dissolves the boundaries between the seen and unseen, and dissolves the ego to uncover the truth that we are all one. The higher potential is to inspire a new vision for humanity and compassionate action to relieve suffering. The shadow expression is escapism, addiction, denial and delusion.

This talk explores both the higher and lower potentials of Neptune in Pisces, offering practical suggestions for successfully navigating the available energies.

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PiscesAwakening to Our Divinity and Dissolving the Separate Self:
Chiron and Neptune Enter Pisces
a talk at New Renaissance Bookshop on February 22, 2011

“I have such a feeling of solidarity with everything alive that it doesn’t seem important to know where the individual ends or begins.” – Albert Einstein (Pisces)

Chiron the Wounded Healer and Neptune the Dissolver both move into Pisces in 2011. Over the next several years, as we emerge out of the Age of Pisces, we have the opportunity to get the essential lessons of Pisces — that we are all inherently interconnected, and that divinity is within us. Learn the meaning of these planetary influences and how to best work with this watery, mystical, imaginative energy.

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9 Responses to listen

  1. Gibran says:

    Good stuff Emily! There is a lot of hope in today’s world. Dispair does the opposite of helping anything, despair bullwhips whatever is innocent and left standing ie the future.

  2. MarAli says:

    Yes, really good stuff! I enjoyed your talk. It’s good to know the upcoming energies in Pisces. I’ve been so busy looking at Uranus moving into Aries. I’m ready to wield my personal sword and excited about 2011 and the Vernal Equinox that’s right around the corner.
    Love to all.

    • virgomagic says:

      Thank you, Mar! Yes – the Aries energy coming in is definitely super-strong, while the Pisces energy is more subtle, but no less powerful. I’ll be talking more about these two energies working together in my Equinox talk!

  3. Nona says:

    I’m very pleased to find your work online! 🙂

    When you remarked about the two fish swimming in opposite directions in this presentation I looked at the logo you posted for Pisces again. I see two fish swimming around in a circle and I like what I see. It’s been over 40 years since I first became fascinated with astrology enough to study it. And this is the first time I’ve perceived the action of Pisces in this way. It helps to have a 3D image!

  4. artbynessa says:

    I love listening to your podcasts. However, this one is only 2 minutes long: Energy, Power and the End of the Age of Pisces –
    The Cardinal Cross Years, 2010-2014
    Can you upload the entire talk?


  5. artbynessa says:

    Hi Emily,
    I really enjoyed your last talk on Spring Equinox and Neptune and all that fogginess!
    Food for thought indeed!!
    Keep up the good job in helping us understand what’s happening!

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