Nurturing A New Vision – Friday’s New Moon in Cancer

cancer new moon

collage by Emily

Friday’s New Moon (1:09 am Pacific) is in watery, sensitive Cancer, the sign of home, family, security, nourishment and foundation. At the New Moon, the solar principle — consciousness, transcendence, spirit — unites with the lunar principle — the subconscious, immanence, the body — inviting you to re-anchor your higher path, your soul’s calling, into here-and-now reality.

The New Moon, at 5 Cancer, occurs just a few degrees from where Mercury turned Retrograde on June 7 (at 3 Cancer). All the Mercury Retro reviewing, revising and renewing of the past few weeks crystallize into a fertile vision seed at the New Moon. The final pieces of the puzzle are falling into place as Mercury prepares to turn direct (forward) on July 1, and as we emerge (at last!) from the Mars Retro shadow on July 20.

There’s a layer that wants to be shed, an old skin you’ve outgrown, a deeper level of true self ready to be revealed. This New Moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn, Underworld God/dess, suggesting that the new vision seed you’re planting can’t fit within the constraints of old attachments. What are you holding onto that you think is keeping you safe and secure, but is actually limiting your power, growth and evolution? Pluto wants to help you move through, transmute and transform feelings of insecurity, so you can deepen your sense of INNER security, regardless of external circumstances.

neptuneThe New Moon’s close trine (120-degree angle of harmony and support) to Neptune in Pisces helps you connect with source consciousness, the ultimate level of reality where you, as an infinite being, are always safe and secure. This Neptunian New Moon suggests taking some quiet time to receive nurturing from the Dreamtime. Art, music, poetry, dance, mediation, prayer, yoga, and dream work are all Neptunian strategies for replenishing your soul and fertilizing your vision seed.

To get more insight into what this New Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 5 degrees Cancer. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to:  strengthen your foundation of support; release old emotional patterns or attachments; increase your sense of inner security; re-set your emotional compass; and plant a new vision for your future. The best time for making wishes and setting intentions is between 1:08 am Friday and 6:02 pm Saturday (Pacific time).

- Emily Trinkaus

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Releasing Reactivity, Restoring Peace – Chiron Stations Retrograde at the Solstice

chiron in pisces

collage by Emily

Not feeling so summer-fun festive? Summer Solstice on Saturday (3:52 am Pacific) is the peak of light, a time to celebrate your creations and the Earth’s abundance. But Chiron in Pisces turns Retrograde today (3:39 am Pacific), churning up deep feelings and revealing wounds. Chiron’s Retrograde is the last of three in the Water element this month, turning attention inward for emotional healing.

Chiron Retro in Pisces stirs up the pain of feeling separate from Source, which can show up in the form of helplessness, hopelessness, addiction, escapism and/or denial. Where do you feel like a victim? Where do you want to check out and go unconscious? Where have you lost your trust? Where do you need to grieve?

Chiron’s trine with Saturn in Scorpio, strong at the Solstice and in effect all month, suggests the potential for dissolving wounds and softening defenses through the Piscean strategies of compassion, surrender, and unconditional love and acceptance. How can you bring more love to the denied, shadowy, painful parts of yourself?

Retrograde Mercury, now in late Gemini, closely conjoins the Solstice Sun (at 0 Cancer), emphasizing the Retro theme of resolving and releasing the past, and doing the inner work to prepare for outer expansion. The first half of 2014 has been characterized by LOTS of Retro energy, so at Summer Solstice – typically a time of creative fruition – what’s coming to light may be more on the inner, a culmination of behind-the-scenes preparation. (Southern Hemisphere friends are in the vision-seed-planting deep dark time of Winter Solstice.) Mid-July is when this year really gets rocking, when the cosmic forces are finally ready to support your great leap forward.

summer solsticeThe Moon – the ruler of Cancer and a powerful force at Solstice – is in Aries, stressfully sandwiched between Uranus and the South Node, and squaring Jupiter in Cancer. While the Moon wants safety and security, revolutionary Uranus wants to break you out of your comfort zone and free you from old patterns. The Aries South Node points to patterns of operating in “survival mode,” as if in a constant state of emergency, reacting from the adrenal-amped state of fight, flight or freeze.

Needless to say, this way of being – basically the default mode in the modern West – is very hard on the body, specifically the nervous system (ruled by Uranus). When your body is on emergency alert, there’s no energy for healing, recovery and regeneration. And not only does high-stress reactivity subvert your body’s ability to heal itself, it also makes it hard to respond effectively to whatever is actually happening in the present.

The square between the Moon and South Node in Aries and Jupiter in Cancer says that, when we’re stuck in emotional reactivity, we’re not able to tune into our intuition, which requires slowing down and dropping into a deeper level of truth. Staying in high-stress-busy-busy mode might even be an unconscious strategy for avoiding a deeper level of knowing or guidance. The best approach is to get out of the “story” in your head – all the “reasons” why you’re so stressed – and instead just attend to the feeling itself. Let yourself really FEEL the fear, anxiety, worry, notice where it lives in your body, breathe through the discomfort.

The Libra North Node – the path of evolution – calls for becoming an agent of peace. Not the false peace of people-pleasing and sacrificing your own desires to be “nice” (which ultimately generates MORE anxiety and stress for everyone), but practicing inner peace from moment to moment – again, going for the feeling itself. What helps you FEEL peaceful? What brings you more into your heart? What supports you to respond from a place of feeling centered, balanced and peaceful versus reacting from your inner adrenaline junkie?

mars in libraMars the Sacred Masculine, planet of action and desire, is also in peace-loving Libra, and passing through the Uranus-Pluto square, which may not feel so peaceful. The emotion associated with Mars is anger, which can show up as frustration, crankiness and irritability. Anger can help us identify what we really want (and are not allowing ourselves to have), and where we need to take action and/or set a boundary. This is Mars in Libra’s third and final interaction with the Uranus-Pluto square, a process (starting last December) of releasing desires that no longer serve us, and awakening a deeper level of courage and authenticity.

On a collective level, the shadow masculine – Mars without Venus – is living large, in the seemingly endless escalation of war, violence, rape. It’s clear that peace will not come from above (it never does), not from the governments and corporations that rule the world. This is what the Uranus-Pluto square is all about – awakening to our true power in the face of increasing control and repression. Waiting for someone else to make peace is a recipe for shadow Pisces helplessness and depression. But as each of us embodies and enacts peace in our everyday lives, WE create the peaceful world we desire.

I’ll leave you with some Michael Franti Libran Mars love. Power to the peaceful is my Solstice prayer.

- Emily Trinkaus

Galactivation on the radio – today (Friday) at 2:00 pm Pacific! Join Katie and me for a special Solstice astro-download and energetic tune-up on Human Spirit Radio. Participate by phone (646) 478-4429 or online. Everybody’s welcome!


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Instinctual Wisdom and Emotional Freedom – Approaching the Sagittarius Full Moon

sagittarius full moon

collage by Emily

Still floating in the dreamy, hazy waters of Monday’s Neptune station, the energies are building toward Thursday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius (9:11 pm Pacific). The Full Moon is the emotional peak of the month, when the inner tides of feeling rise to the surface. With so much watery action in the cosmos – three planets turning Retrograde in Water – this Full Moon feels especially emotional (or is it just me??).

Feisty, fiery Sagittarius is all about expansion – the freedom and excitement of crossing borders and boundaries, growing beyond the limits of the known, and the trust required to take that leap of faith into foreign territory.

The Sag Full Moon asks: Where do you feel inspired to grow and expand? How connected do you feel to your inner guidance? Do you trust your instincts to direct you toward your highest good? What do you tell yourself about your own potential and possibilities? Do your stories inspire you to create a more positive reality, or reinforce your fears and limitations?

Jupiter, the ruler of Sag and presiding deity of this Full Moon, is in watery, sensitive Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon. Not only are these two planets in “mutual reception” – occupying one another’s signs – they also form a precise quincunx, 150-degree aspect of crisis and adjustment. The quincunx highlights inner tension between security, safety, comfy-cozyness and the past (Cancer) and adventure, freedom, risk-taking and the future (Sag).

full moonWhen this tension isn’t addressed and resolved inwardly, the more shadowy potential could show up as: projecting your feelings (especially security fears) out onto other people; exaggerated, dramatic emotional reactions, putting up major emotional defenses and using food to “stuff your feelings” (shadow Cancer); getting all righteous (shadow Sag) about how you’re feeling – i.e., your feelings are “right” and another’s feelings are “wrong;” believing that your feelings are The Truth, rather than just your own truth, in this moment.

Working more consciously with these Cancer and Sag energies could look like: nourishing your sense of faith and trust in positive outcomes by feeding your inspiration and cultivating intimacy with god/goddess/the multiverse; bringing awareness to and freeing yourself from early childhood programming that limits your vision of what’s possible; preparing for outer expansion by healing your inner world – imagine yourself taking that great leap of faith, notice the feelings that come up, and work with them. (I’ve been using and benefiting from EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique – which seems especially applicable to this Full Moon.)

Chiron the Wounded Healer/Shaman squares the Full Moon, bringing to the surface wounds of separation from our own bodily instincts, our inner truth, and from Source. The healing potential lies in our willingness to enter fully into and through the pain, to feel the grief that dissolves the past, to release our victim stories and enlarge our context for past suffering. Chiron’s lesson is that the gift is in the wound, but we can’t access the gift if we’re covering up the pain, trying to escape it through addiction and distraction, or wallowing in self-pity.

ophiuchusThe healing potential of this Full Moon is further indicated by its close conjunction with Ras Alhague, the brightest star in the constellation Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer. Fixed star expert Bernadette Brady associates this constellation with “healing, teaching or wounding” (Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars) – themes that are also associated with Chiron. The Serpent Bearer has long been linked with Asclepius, the Greek “father of medicine” who was fostered and mentored by Chiron, and who was taught by a snake to bring the dead back to life.

But snake medicine has an ancient history that pre-dates the Greeks (and all that bad press in Genesis) and brings us back to the mysteries of sacred sexual healing, designed to raise the Kundalini force of spiritual energy through the body. Marina Macario of Dark Star Astrology writes:

The snake is said to represent wisdom. But this is occult (meaning hidden) wisdom for a reason. Just like they say that sudden igniting of the Kundalini can send you mad, then also too much of this wisdom flooding the brain can do the same. Together this is enlightenment. Sex and spirituality is a powerful force, it hits us like a thunderbolt.  The tarot card associated with Ophiuchus is the one that most people fear. ‘The Lightning Struck Tower,’ but a thunderbolt can either kill us or in the case of Frankenstein, bring us back to life.” (Ophiuchus)

For more insight into what this Full Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 22 degrees Sagittarius. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to: work with serpent wisdom and snake medicine for healing and spiritual growth; let go of old stories and opening to a more positive future; heal wounds around trusting and acting on your instinctual guidance; reconnect with inspiration and enthusiasm; realign with your inner truth; prepare emotionally for taking a risk toward your highest vision.

- Emily Trinkaus

sagittarius full moonCalling all priestesses (yes, YOU)! Energy-healing genius Katie Todd and I will be working with these Full Moon themes of TRUST, galactic nourishment, creative inspiration, and serpent wisdom in Wednesday’s Galactivation teleclass. All women are welcome, and you can participate from anywhere by phone or online, or via recording at your leisure. Details here.

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Retreat, Replenish, Restore – Mercury Stations Retrograde in Cancer

mercury retrograde

collage by Emily

Greetings from bed. Cooperating with the current cosmic energies, I’ve returned to bed to write this post, cozy under the covers with a cup of tea and cat by my side.

Mercury doesn’t officially turn Retro until Saturday, but I’m already noticing those tell-tale signs – you too? The urge for more BEING and less DOING; fuzzy-headedness leading to mistakes, miscommunications and memory lapses (my editor over at New Connexion just emailed me about an erroneous astro-date I put in my column – me! with four Virgo planets!!); the need to reschedule and rearrange existing plans; unexpected delays and technical glitches.

As Mercury the Messenger – typically speedy planet of connection, communication and intellect – slows down and prepares to reverse directions, we’re called to do the same. All the “re” words apply: retreat, regenerate, reflect, reconsider, review… Mercury stations Retrograde on June 7 (until July 1) in comfort-seeking Cancer, drawing us into the innermost realm of deep feelings, and asking us to rethink what truly nurtures, supports and sustains us. Home, family, root system and foundation are all up for review, renewal and reconnection during this Retrograde.

mercury retrograde in cancerCancer wants emotional security, and Retrograde planets are all about the inside job, so this Mercury Retro wants us to turn inward and reconnect with our true source of safety and security within ourselves. Mercury reverses back into Gemini on June 17, and this Cancer-to-Gemini, Water-to-Air shift can help us get new perspectives on our habitual emotional responses, family past, and early-life conditioning.

Let’s REview the basic Mercury Retro guidelines:  take your time with important communications; don’t be afraid to repeat yourself or ask for clarification; leave extra time getting to appointments; double-check the details; and avoid signing contracts and buying electronics (cars, computers, etc.). If you need to break the Mercury-Retro rules, best to wait until after June 19, the midpoint of the Retrograde cycle. And if you haven’t backed up your computer data lately, now’s the time!

Mercury is just the first of three planets to turn Retrograde in the Water signs this month. Neptune turns Retro in Pisces on June 9, followed by Chiron in Pisces on June 20 (coinciding with Solstice). This trio of watery Retrogrades stimulates much emotional churning – deep feelings rising to the surface, heightened sensitivity and vulnerability, getting easily triggered, crying for no apparent reason. Retrograde planets stir up the past, and in the Water signs, this is about old emotional wounds coming into awareness, ripe for healing.

jupiterAdding to all this watery goodness, the Grand Water Trine of Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces is still strong for another week or so, meaning that there’s great cosmic support for: committing to and getting support for your healing process; taking responsibility for working through emotional shiznit; releasing what doesn’t feel good and what’s not aligned with your emotional truth; establishing practices, systems and structures that feel nourishing and supportive; softening defenses to allow for more ease and flow. The thing about trines (even GRAND ones) is that they can be passive and lazy, and require a bit of intention and effort. Take one small step to activate the magic.

With some astro-technical know-how, you can get more insight into what this upcoming Mercury Retro means for YOU. Find the house or houses in your birth chart that contain 24 degrees Gemini to 3 degrees Cancer. The areas of life indicated by the house/s are where you’re invited to: review and reconnect with sources of nourishment and support; back up to revisit, re-do or complete something from the past; heal from old emotional wounds; use your intuition to get a new perspective.

- Emily Trinkaus

sagittarius full moonCalling all priestesses (yes, YOU)! Energy-healing genius Katie Todd and I will be working with this Retrogradey watery deluge in next Wednesday’s Galactivation teleclass for the Sag Full Moon. Themes of TRUST, galactic nourishment and creative inspiration. All women are welcome, and you can participate from anywhere by phone or online. Register by midnight Sunday to be entered into the drawing for a personalized session! Details here.


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This Is Your Mind on Neptune – Today’s New Moon in Gemini

gemini new moon

collage by Emily

Today’s New Moon is super-Neptunian – are you feeling it? Sleepy, spacey, weepy, overwhelmed… Honestly, I’m feeling so freakin’ lazy that I just want to refer you to (or plagiarize from) the post I wrote about last year’s Gemini New Moon, because it’s basically the same deal (well, this New Moon is a little different, but last year’s post is still worth reading or re-reading).

The New Moon (at 7 degrees Gemini) forms an exact square – 90-degree, challenging angle – to Neptune, God/Goddess of the Ocean (at 7 Pisces). The typically light, airy, intellectual, chatty, busy-busy Gemini New Moon instead takes on a Neptunian flavor – watery, deep-feeling, uber-sensitive, imaginative, inward-turning, and potentially escapist, addictive, self-pitying and victimy (shadow Neptune).

Drawing us further into the dreamtime, Neptune is also stationing – standing still in the sky before turning Retrograde on June 9. We’ll continue feeling our way through the Neptunian haze through the 9th, and even throughout this entire lunar cycle, since the chart of the New Moon sets the tone for the entire “moonth” (29 days, to be precise). Neptune turns Retrograde just two days after Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, also turns Retro (until July 1).

Neptune dissolves personal boundaries so you can open to the level of reality that exists beyond the limits of the rational mind and the ego-bound small self – the ultimate reality of oneness and source consciousness. In a Neptune-deficient culture that enforces the illusion of the separate self and devalues the invisible and unquantifiable, most of us don’t have much skill or practice when it comes to navigating the mysterious Neptunian waters. Instead of merging with the divine and feeling “all one,” we project divinity onto another person, thing or future fantasy and, longing for the divine outside ourselves, we feel “all alone.”

neptuneAs a watery, feminine force, Neptune works best when we focus on the process, the feeling itself, instead of fixating on an object or outcome. “The solution for longing for union is union with longing,” says James Hillman, astro-savvy Jungian genius (in a talk called “Venus in America”). He explains, if you unite with longing itself, rather than the object of longing – the thing you think is going to make it all better – then “you’re filled, not empty.” Useful guidance for this lunar cycle.

The current cosmic intertwining of Mercurial and Neptunian events is telling us that the Mercury function – perception, the logical/rational mind, connection and communication – wants to be Neptunized. As long as we’re stuck in the illusion of the separate self, your mind on Neptune is a lonely, isolating, frightening, anxiety-producing place to be. Plugging into a higher Neptunian level of awareness typically requires unplugging from the usual media-driven deluge of external input – our minds are more open and sensitive now, more porous, so we can get easily distracted, overwhelmed and confused with over-stimulation. This is also a good time to be more discerning about which images and information we’re choosing to imprint into our spongy little brains.

Some high-vibration expressions of Mercury-Neptune include expansive, intuitive, imaginative, visionary thinking; enhanced compassion for others’ suffering; and dissolving patterns of polarizing, dualistic thinking that keep us stuck in limiting perceptions of good/bad, right/wrong, etc.

venusMercury, the ruler of Gemini, is especially potent at this New Moon, and precisely sextiles Venus, suggesting that beauty, artistry, love and eroticism are also keys to this lunar cycle. (A sextile is a 60-degree angle of harmonious excitation.) If you’re not attending to the aesthetic in life, says James Hillman (again from the Venus talk), you become anesthetic, anesthetized, numb.

Slowing down to notice, appreciate and cultivate beauty, taking the time to create art and to live our lives as works of art, helps us connect with that Neptunian feeling of communion with the divine (Neptune is considered the “higher octave” of Venus). We can LIVE beauty, connect with the FEELING of beauty, rather than longing for beauty as something outside ourselves to attain or possess.

When it comes to setting your intentions for this lunar cycle (starting today at 11:41 am Pacific), the Neptunian nature of this New Moon means listening deeply to the needs of your soul, which might not “make sense” to your conscious, analytical, rational mind (Gemini). This New Moon wants you to go beyond linear thinking and use your imagination, your dreams to guide you. What’s your guiding vision – for yourself, for the collective? What’s the most beautiful future you can imagine?

For deeper insight into what this New Moon means for YOU, find the house in your chart that contains 7 degrees Gemini. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re being called to: deepen your sense of belonging and connection (first within yourself); listen to your feelings, dreams and intuitive guidance; improve communication skills; learn something new, or return to a subject you used to love; connect with and communicate your vision.

- Emily Trinkaus

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Love Into Action – Mars Stations Direct in Libra

mars station direct

collage by Emily

Mars – action, passion, desire – starts moving forward again today (6:31 pm PDT), ending his Retrograde journey that started March 1. If you’ve been feeling sluggish, sleepy, resistant and just wanting to hole up and be still, then you are perfectly in tune with the cosmos.

As Mars stations – appears to stand still in the sky as he changes directions – the action principle is suspended, on hold, caught between past and future. A part of us that’s been backstage or on retreat is preparing to reemerge, but not quite yet. We’re completing a process of regenerating vitality, redefining goals and desires, recharging motivation and enthusiasm. As Mars starts moving forward, sparks of inspiration and clarity are now available.

I had intended to start this post on Saturday, didn’t happen, and then sat down to work on it last night. No go. It wasn’t until after listening to the last session of the class I’ve been taking with Andrew Harvey, and then an interview with Caroline Casey (part of the very awesome Inspiring Women Summit) that I finally had a sense of what I wanted to say. Before I could write (take action) I needed to fill up on inspiration and be reminded of what’s really important (and make the above collage). Pushing through on my own wasn’t working – I needed to cooperate with the energy of this Mars station before I could write about it!

What in you resists the challenge to put love into action?” was Andrew Harvey’s final question for students, and to me this gets to the heart of Mars Retrograde in Libra. Venus-ruled Libra is the sign of love, while Mars is the planet of courageous action. Mars in Libra is the masculine principle in service to the feminine – having the courage to assert, stand up for, defend and protect what we love and value. (Just to be clear, I’m not equating masculine and feminine with men and women – I’m referring to the masculine and feminine, animus and anima, within ALL of us.)

mars in libraMars Retrograde in Libra has asked us to get in touch with our inner Love Warrior. What is it that you love so deeply and so passionately that you’re willing to take committed, courageous action? During Mars’ journey through Libra, he’s intersected with the Uranus-Pluto square, meaning that this question of love in action extends beyond the personal realm – waking up and stepping into our own Love Warrior is not only about coming into deeper integrity and vitality in our own lives, but about being part of the “army of lovers” (another great Libran Mars phrase, courtesy of Andrew Harvey) working to counter the suicidal/ecocidal/genocidal trajectory of humanity:

It is absolutely clear to anyone with half a heart and an open mind, to anyone who is not in denial that if we do not now have on the earth an organized, coherent, humble, empowered, divinely inspired, worldwide grassroots movement of divine love and wisdom in action, humanity will die out and take a great deal of nature with it.” (Andrew Harvey, from The Christ Path)

Yes, it’s a daunting challenge, which is why depression (shadow Mars) is so popular right now. The good news is, we don’t have to do everything ourselves, we just have to do our part, and there is support available. Part of the Mars in Libra lesson is that we need each other. The macho Marlboro Man version of masculinity is not cutting it – this isn’t the time to tough it out, go it alone, and maintain a pretense of holding it all together. As Caroline Casey says, “we can’t save the world without partnering with everything” (trust me, you really want to listen to this entire interview).

Word to the wise – although Mars starts moving forward again today, we’re not entirely out of the Mars Retro “shadow” (i.e., we continue to be under the influence) until July 20. And! Mercury is about to enter into its next Retrograde cycle, June 7 to July 1, though we’ll be in the shadow starting May 23 and until July 16. All of which is to say – whatever you’ve been wanting to launch into the world in a big way will be VERY supported by the cosmic winds starting in mid-late July. Until then, keep working your behind-the-scenes juju, doing the inner preparation and healing that will help you move forward. Patience, patience, my friends. The unfolding, as always, is perfect.

- Emily Trinkaus

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Feeling through the Limits of Fear, Frustration and Resistance – Approaching the Scorpio Full Moon

scorpio full moon

Scorpio Full Moon, collage by Emily

Holy crap I’ve had to work through some serious resistance to get this post done. I’m guessing I’m not entirely alone in feelings of overwhelm, pressure, frustration, stagnation and exhaustion… all of which seem right in line with the energies building toward Wednesday’s Full Moon (12:16 pm PDT).

The Taurus Solar Eclipse on April 28 planted a seed for a potent new beginning, and now the Scorpio Full Moon lights up the basement of the subconscious, revealing inner blocks to creativity and growth. Where have you lost your power, passion and vitality?  Where are you playing it safe and not playing your edge? What do you need to let go of so you can create what you really want?

Taurus-Scorpio themes amplified at this Full Moon include power, money and resources, intimacy and sexuality (just a few light areas…). Amping up the pressure, the Full Moon is conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, urging you to stand in your emotional authority, and get real about your priorities and values. What’s your bottom line?

saturnThe emotion associated with Saturn is FEAR, which, unconscious and unacknowledged, can become CONTROL (shadow Saturn) – either feeling controlled by external forces, or attempting to control others and outcomes. Saturn in Scorpio says, instead of obsessing over what’s happening “out there,” go straight to the source, get to the core of what’s going on by heading into the icky feelings, digging into the buried pain and uncovering the old wounds where your present-time vitality and power are being held hostage.

Meanwhile, Mars – the traditional ruler of Scorpio – is slowing to a standstill before turning from Retrograde to Direct (forward) on May 19. As Mars stations, there’s not a lot of mojo for moving forward (understatement). This is a time for turning inward and taking a deeper look at what’s motivating your desires and decisions. The process of excavating your authentic passions, regenerating your vitality, and re-wiring your inner masculine – which got started last November, when Mars entered his Retro shadow – is coming to completion, but all the pieces are still falling into place. Trying to force the process results in frustration.

Fueling the Full Moon tension (creative, sexual, and otherwise), Mars in Venus-ruled Libra opposes Venus in Mars-ruled Aries (exact on Sunday but still in effect at the Full Moon). The archetypal masculine and feminine are occupying one another’s home territory, in “mutual reception” (in astro-speak) yet in dynamic conflict. Mars in Libra is the Sacred Masculine in the guise of Lover, Artist and Peacemaker, while Venus in Aries is the Sacred Feminine as Warrior. The Venus-Mars opposition plugs into the Uranus-Pluto square, revealing our shadows, and the need for radical transformation, when it comes to balancing and integrating our inner masculine and feminine, animus and anima.

scorpioIf you have some astro-technical know-how, you can discover more about what this Full Moon means for YOU by finding the house in your birth chart that contains 24 degrees Scorpio. The areas of your life signified by that house are where you are:  ripe for transformation, healing and growth; being challenged to “let go to grow;” facing your shadow and acknowledging deep, dark feelings that want to be felt and released; under pressure to reclaim your emotional authority and break through internal limits; gaining clarity about your bottom-line priorities and values.

I’ll leave you with some words of inspiration from writer/activist Eve Ensler, my Venus in Aries heroine, writing about “Vagina Warriors” and exemplifying the transformational spirit of this Scorpio Full Moon:

“I have had the honor to meet women and men across this planet who have witnessed or suffered enormous violence, and rather than getting an AK47 or a machete, they feel this violence, grieve this violence and allow it to transform within their beings. Then they devote their lives to making sure it never happens to another woman or girl. We have come to call these people ‘Vagina Warriors.’ There are thousands, perhaps millions of these warriors in the world. They are fierce, obsessed, can’t be stopped, driven. They are citizens of the world. They cherish humanity over nationhood. They are done being victims. They know no one is coming to rescue them. They are community makers. They bring everyone in.

They are women and men who constantly sacrifice their own personal security and by doing so create real safety and freedom for the rest. They realize that the end goal is becoming vulnerable, realizing the place of our connection to one another rather than becoming secure, in control and alone.” (Eve Ensler, A View from a Vagina Warrior)

- Emily Trinkaus

Calling all priestesses! Want support and companionship for this Scorpio Underworld journey? Join energy-healing genius Katie Todd and me on Monday (or enjoy the recording at your leisure) – we’ll be working with these powerful Full Moon energies in our fun and informative galactivation teleclass. All women are welcome, and you just need a phone to participate. Details here.

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