Realign With Your True Desire – Mercury Stations Retrograde Approaching the Aries Lunar Eclipse

aries lunar eclipse

collage by Emily

Mercury turns Retrograde today (10:02 am PDT) until October 25, calling you inward to review, renew, redo, rethink and all the other “re-” words. As Mercury stations – stands still in the sky as it appears to reverse directions – we’re advised to do the same. To slow down, press the pause button on our busyness, and take time to rest and reflect.

However! This particular Mercury Retro coincides with two dramatic Eclipses and some feisty, fiery, go-for-it alignments. My feeling about this Mercury Retro is that it’s a lot about finally moving forward with something we’ve needed or wanted to do for a long time. Or, revitalizing or regenerating something we started in the past. Since Eclipses often feature dramatic endings and beginnings, this Retro cycle can also be about REleasing what’s in the way of pursuing our authentic passion, letting go of what’s become boring or stagnant to make space for what holds meaning and aliveness for us now.

Mercury Retro and the Eclipses are not only happening simultaneously, their themes are very much intertwined. Mercury turns Retrograde at 2 degrees Scorpio, close to the degree of the Solar Eclipse (0 Scorpio) on October 23. When Mercury stations direct – starts moving forward again – it will be at 16 Libra, close to the Sun’s degree (15 Libra) at the Lunar Eclipse on October 8. Libra is the sign of partnership, love, interdependence and codependence, while Scorpio rules intimacy, sexuality, emotional bonding and merging. These are major arenas for revelation, reconsideration and renegotiation over the next month.

lunar eclipseSomething that Eclipses and Mercury Retro share in common is that they both turn attention toward the past – old issues resurface, and people you haven’t seen or thought of in years reappear, in waking life or through your dreams and memories. We can expect to revisit themes from six months ago, when the previous pair of Eclipses occurred, a Libra Lunar Eclipse on April 15 and a Taurus Solar Eclipse on April 28. Another reference point is 1995, as Eclipses happen at the same degree of the zodiac every 19 years.

Eclipses pull us into the darkness of the unknown, the darkness of our own repressed needs and feelings, and the darkness of infinite potential and possibility – the womb of regeneration and rebirth. The light of the Sun or Moon goes dark, and then returns, signifying a resetting of consciousness. This reset requires a purging of all the gunk that’s built up over the past six months, an emotional and physical detox, which is why people tend to get colds and such more often during Eclipse Season.

Wednesday’s Lunar Eclipse in Aries (3:52 am PDT) is a super-charged Full Moon, featuring heightened emotions, revelations and breakthroughs relating to the essential Aries questions: Who am I? and What do I want? The Moon is sandwiched between Uranus and the South Node, and squares Pluto, and the potential here is to free ourselves from old ideas of who we “should” be, and uncover a deeper level of true self and authentic desire. In the context of all this focus on relationship, this Eclipse asks us to first get right with ourselves.

ariesFear and anger are emotions likely to be stirred up by this Eclipse – the fear of being our radical, freaky selves, the fear of going after what we really want, and anger at how we’ve repressed our true selves and true desires in the past. How much time have you wasted trying to please everyone, trying to fit in, trying to be “nice,” living out someone else’s idea of who you’re supposed to be?

Mars is the traditional ruler of Aries and Scorpio, and plays a starring role this Eclipse Season. Mars in fiery, adventurous, expansive Sagittarius (September 14-October 26) wants to fire up your enthusiasm and spark inspired action. Mars in Sag can help us lean into the big picture and higher vision even as we descend into the depths of darkness. Fueling the fire at the Lunar Eclipse, Mars is part of a rare and powerful Grand Trine in the Fire signs, with Jupiter in Leo and the Moon, Uranus and the South Node in Aries. Where are you being called to take a leap of faith? What direction feels exciting and liberating?

Accessing all this inspirational, fiery goodness may require moving through some old pain or grief, as indicated by Mars’ other major angle – a square to Chiron in Pisces. I had this experience the other night when I finally watched The Barefoot Artist, the documentary about Lily Yeh. I had bought the DVD a few months ago, as soon as it came out, because I’m a huge fan of Yeh’s work and feel so inspired by her. But! I had postponed watching it because I knew it would be emotionally intense – every time I hear her speak (as in many past interviews with Caroline Casey), I cry.

In case you’re not familiar with Yekujenga_pamoja_parkh’s work, she’s an artist who goes into “broken” places, like Rwanda, and creates art projects with the community, focused around healing and community building. “Beauty,” she says, “is intimately engaged with darkness, with chaos, with destruction…. From the depths of darkness, beauty transforms and transcends.” Indeed, I cried through much of the movie, but came out feeling re-inspired about the potential for one person to be a force for positive change in the world. Offering excellent guidance for Eclipse Season, Yeh says: “You need to walk into the darkness and then look at it and listen to it and hold it in your arms.

For deeper insight into what Wednesday’s Lunar Eclipse means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 15 degrees Aries. The areas of life signified by that house are where:  change is brewing, volatile energy is erupting, and something from the past is coming to culmination, fruition or completion; where you’re being called to let go of what’s NOT authentically you; and where you’re asking the Aries questions, What do I really want? Where is my vitality and excitement calling me? What would it look like just to be myself?

To learn more about what this Mercury Retro means for you, find the house or houses that contain 16 degrees Libra to 2 degrees Scorpio. (If you don’t know how to do this, get the recording from my Mercury Retro teleclass!) The areas of life signified by that house or houses are where you’re: regenerating a past passion or project; completing unfinished business; rethinking your desires and renegotiating your commitments; and releasing what’s no longer authentic or alive for you.

- Emily Trinkaus

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A New Relationship to Your Root – Pluto Stations Direct at Fall Equinox and the Libra New Moon

fall equinox

collage by Emily

Two major cosmic events coincide on Monday, marking a significant shifting of energies, a turning point. Underworld God/Goddess Pluto turns from Retrograde to Direct (5:36 pm Pacific) and just a few hours later (7:30 pm), the Sun enters Libra, signaling the Fall Equinox (Spring in the Southern Hemisphere).

In case that’s not enough astro-excitement for you, the Libra New Moon happens Tuesday night (11:13 pm). We’re already in the field of this concentrated cosmic activity, and it can feel like a lot is churning, simmering and reconfiguring.

Fall Equinox marks the halfway point in the yearly cycle of the Sun’s light on Earth – day and night are equal, and then darkness takes ascendance as we head into winter. At this gate of power in the wheel of the year, the Libra Sun invites you to pause, reflect and recalibrate your inner scales. What did you start at Spring Equinox on March 20? What are you harvesting and what needs to be weeded out? How can you create more balance, peace, beauty and harmony?

Pluto’s station – standing still before (appearing to) reverse directions and move forward –amplifies the Equinoxy feeling of heading into the dark, and the need to pause and check in with your soul. Pluto has been Retrograde since April 14, a time when transformational energies were working behind the scenes and beneath the surface, inaccessible to the conscious mind. Now, at Pluto’s direct turn, those processes rise into awareness, and you can see more clearly what changes want to happen in your outer reality. What elements of your life are out of integrity with your soul’s purpose?

Ultimately, Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024) is about doing the work of transforming fear into power. As Pluto stations – and we’ve been feeling it for at least the past week – our deepest darkest fears get stirred up. Instead of obsessing over the story, Pluto wants us to look beneath the “content” and focus on the “process” – i.e., work with the feelings themselves. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio, the sign of fixed water, and the work is to bring some flow to emotions (water) that have become stuck or frozen (fixed).

root chakraOn the most literal level, the Plutonian Underworld is the ground beneath our feet, the inner Earth, which the Judeo-Christian tradition has designated as “hell,” but which the ancients honored as a sacred source of power. (Read more in my post Entering the Underworld.)

Pluto is associated with the root chakra – the energy center through which we root down into the Earth, and where we access feelings of safety and security. Caroline Myss calls this chakra “the foundation of emotional and mental health” and identifies its “Sacred Truth” as “All is One: You are connected to all of life. Every choice you make and every belief you hold exerts influence upon the whole of life.” (see her ChakraFlash)

Libra is the sign of relationship, and the co-incidence of Pluto’s station/root chakra activation with the Sun’s entry into Libra and the Libra New Moon creates an opening to rework our most foundational relationship, the one on which all other relationships depend. If we don’t feel safe and secure in our own bodies and on the planet, if we’re stuck in survival fear, then we’re likely to fall into the shadow Libra dynamic of codependence – seeking to ground or root into another person for safety and security rather than directly rooting into the Earth.

protestThis dynamic also operates on the collective level – a fearful population, separated from the felt connection with all life, projects their power onto external authorities, who will “keep us safe” by starting yet another war against yet another “terrorist threat.” Mars, planet of war, is squaring Neptune – illusion, delusion and deception – reminding us that the real reason for war is never the one given. As Major Smedley Butler famously said, “WAR is a racket…. A racket is best described… as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people…. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many.” (read his full speech here)

If you have a copy of your birth chart and want deeper insight into what Pluto’s station means for you, find the house that contains 11 degrees Capricorn. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re called to: feel and heal survival fears and reclaim your power; release what’s stagnant and no longer serving your soul; pull back your projections and own your shadow.

To get more specific about what the New Moon means for you, find the house in your birth chart that contains 1 degree Libra. The areas of life signified by that house are where the cosmos wants you to:  restore balance; establish an equal exchange of give and take; initiate a new collaborative project or renew your spirit of cooperation; create more beauty and increase the flow of love.

Can’t resist a little “Root Down” action from the Beastie Boys (since that song’s been in my head while writing this post…):

- Emily Trinkaus

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Honoring Sensitivity, Reconnecting with Source – Monday’s Super Full Moon in Pisces, Conjunct Chiron

Pisces Full Moon

collage by Emily

This has been one of the more intense lunar cycles – are you feeling it?? We’re coming up on a Super Full Moon (the last of 2014) in watery, uber-sensitive Pisces, stirring up strong feelings and opening our psychic sensors. The energies peak on Monday (6:38 pm Pacific), and if you’re feeling overwhelmed, weepy, exhausted and/or escapist then you’re perfectly in tune with the cosmos.

The Pisces Full Moon highlights and heightens our sensitivity to other people and our environment, and the existential suffering that arises from the paradox of being spiritual beings in physical form. The high-vibration expression of Pisces is unconditional love, ecstatic divine union, a felt connection with all life. As the last sign in the zodiac, Pisces is where everything dissolves back into the ocean of consciousness, where we lose the illusion of separation and remember the truth of our infinite Source selves. The challenge is how to stay connected with that ultimate spiritual truth, how to stay in that vulnerable, heart-wide-open place, while being in our bodies and on the planet.

This Piscean energy has been strong since the start of the lunar cycle on August 25, when the Virgo New Moon opposed Neptune in Pisces. Now, as we approach the Full Moon, the core theme of the Virgo-Pisces polarity – healing the separation between matter and spirit – emerges more fully into awareness, opening the potential for revelation and transformation. The Full Moon closely conjoins with Chiron the Wounded Healer, highlighting all the ways we feel separate from Source, abandoned by God/Goddess, or disconnected from our own souls.

chiron in piscesChiron’s involvement with the Full Moon amps up the intensity, bringing the potential for existential crisis or spiritual emergency. Is it safe for my soul to come fully into my body? As a sensitive person, how can I handle living on this crazy-ass planet? With the ongoing onslaught of violence and trauma in the collective field, and our emotional bodies more porous than usual, this is a tough time for us sensitive types, and it can be easy to fall into shadow Pisces – addiction, escapism, victimization, helplessness.

Take a break from Virgo-season busyness to tend to your soul and feel your feelings. Honor your sensitivity and be compassionate with yourself. Unplug from the energy of collective trauma and reconnect with the ultimate level of reality, where everything truly is in divine order (despite apparent evidence to the contrary). If you feel overwhelmed by the suffering in the world, find one small thing you can do to relieve suffering in your immediate environment. Piscean paths to healing include music, dance, art, meditation, prayer, dream work and grief work.

For more insight into what this Full Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 16 degrees Pisces. (Don’t know how to do this? You can get the recording of my New Moon teleclass and get the necessary astro-technical skills!) The areas of life signified by this house are where you’re invited to: reconnect with your spiritual source and receive an infusion of divine love; open to guidance from your dreams, intuition and imagination; surrender having to have all the answers or the perfect plan and trust the mysterious flow of life; and allow for more compassion and forgiveness.

- Emily Trinkaus

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Desire and Discernment – Mars Meets Saturn at Monday’s Virgo New Moon

virgo new moon

collage by Emily

Monday’s New Moon in Virgo (7:13 am Pacific) is strongly flavored by the conjunction of Mars and Saturn – potentially stirring up feelings of frustration, anger, fear, pressure and powerlessness.

This Mars-Saturn energy has been building all week, making us aware of limits and obstacles, and asking: What do you really want? How do you go after what you want, and is that working? How committed are you to your desires and passions, and do you feel empowered to pursue them? Are you afraid to get what you want? Mars-Saturn in Scorpio focuses attention on intimacy, sexuality, money and vitality.

Mars and Saturn conjoin about every two years, signaling the end of one two-year cycle and the beginning of a new one. Their previous conjunction – the start of the cycle that’s now coming to a close – was on August 15, 2012 (read my post about it here). What was up for you then around these themes of desire and commitment, action and responsibility? How have you grown and changed since then?

saturnAs we start a new Mars-Saturn cycle, you can work productively with this energy by: identifying the underlying feelings stirred up by outer events, and taking time to really feel through the fear, anger, etc.; writing a list of your desires (be specific) and what you want to have created two years from now; and making a plan of action to increase your vitality.

As the sign of regeneration – the cycle of death and rebirth – Scorpio has to do with letting go of what’s NOT working, so consider what wants to be released in order to feel more aliveness and create what you want in this new cycle. This is also about finding the right balance between pragmatism and playing your edge.

The Mars-Saturn conjunction culminates (i.e., is exact) just a few hours after the New Moon, and the co-incidence of these two events marks a major re-setting of energies. The New Moon is in Virgo, which has a natural affinity with Scorpio – both signs are associated with healing and magic, and with the Priest/Priestess archetype. This is a super-witchy New Moon! Invoke your magical powers through ritual, ceremony, intention-setting, prayer and meditation.

Mercury the Magician, the ruler of Virgo and presiding deity of this New Moon, is powerfully placed in its home sign Virgo, which is also the sign of its exaltation. Mercury forms a precise sextile – 60-degree angle of excitation – to the Mars-Saturn conjunction, increasing the magical healing mojo of this New Moon. The Virgoan superpowers of discernment, refinement, synthesis and analysis can be applied to the Mars-Saturn mandate to clarify your desires and get strategic about pursuing them.

piscesBe aware that there’s also some potential for distorted thinking, getting lost in illusion, and falling into escapist behaviors. The New Moon opposes Neptune in Pisces, while Mercury opposes Chiron in Pisces. Both aspects increase sensitivity to the pain and suffering of the collective and of our beloved planet, and that heightened sensitivity can feel overwhelming, bringing the temptation to go into denial, delusion and despair (shadow Neptune/Pisces). It can be easy to want to check out, go unconscious, and float around in an out-of-body trance state. The problem with this is that our place of power is actually in our bodies.

The high-vibration integration of the Virgo/Pisces polarity looks like being fully embodied and connected with the Earth (Virgo) while also hooked up with our infinite Source selves (Pisces). To the ancients, Virgo was the Goddess, and our ancestors knew that heaven is right here on Earth, that our bodies are sacred vessels for spirit, that all matter is inherently infused with the divine. Neptune in Pisces (2011-2025) wants to dissolve the moldy old Piscean-Age paradigm that says god and heaven are somewhere way out there and your body is sinful and dirty. The Virgo New Moon calls for spiritual discernment and seeing through the illusions that keep us powerless so we can reclaim our sovereignty.

virgoTo get more insight into what this New Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 2 degrees Virgo. (If you don’t know how, check out my teleclass below!) The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to: reclaim your sovereignty; make a new beginning in health, healing and wholeness; perfect your skills; simplify, organize and increase your efficiency and productivity; and release judgment and accept the perfection of what is.

You can get more insight into what the Mars-Saturn conjunction is about for you by finding the house in your chart that contains 17 degrees Scorpio. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re being called to: clarify your desires and passions; take steps to restore your vitality; recognize how you may have sabotaged yourself from getting what you want; and take responsibility for creating different results.

- Emily Trinkaus

Get witchy with me on Monday! I’m offering a special teleclass: DIY New Moon Magic. Learn the astro-technical details about how to work with the New Moon, including how to find where it’s happening in your own birth chart. We gather (by phone or online) at 5pm Pacific, but the class will be recorded so you can listen any time. You can buy the recording here.

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Sunday’s Super Full Moon in Aquarius – She’s Super Freaky!

aquarius full moon

collage by Emily

Sunday’s Full Moon in Aquarius (11:09 am Pacific) shines the light on: your ideals and vision for the future; innovation, creativity and genius; friends, groups, communities and organizations; and using your unique gifts in service to the collective.

The Full Moon will appear bigger and brighter than usual – a “SuperMoon” – meaning that the Moon is at apogee, traveling closest to Earth. This is the closest SuperMoon of 2014. We’re likely to feel its effects more powerfully, meaning high emotional tides, along with enhanced opportunities for healing, revelation and breakthrough.

This lunar cycle started with the Leo New Moon on July 26, which was conjunct giant Jupiter and encouraged you to dream big, take a risk, and follow your inspiration. Now, at the peak of the cycle, the Full Moon forms a a tense square (90-degree angle) to serious, cautious, uber-pragmatic Saturn, traditional ruler of Aquarius. This Saturnian Full Moon tests your commitment to your vision, and challenges you to bring your dream into reality.

Saturn works through PRESSURE – are you feeling the squeeze? Saturn can feel like a buzz kill on the Leo Sun’s fun and spontaneity, and the Aquarius Moon’s freedom and flow. The emotion associated with Saturn is FEAR, and the Full Moon stirs up Leo/Aquarian “issues” around: belonging and not belonging (feeling like the Outsider or Alien); seeking approval and fearing rejection if you really let your freak flag fly; and suppressing your true self and playing a role to fit in and be accepted.

saturnALL astrological alignments can be worked with productively, and Saturn can be your best friend (really). Saturn in Scorpio reveals the subconscious fears holding you back and sabotaging your future. As the “reality check” planet, Saturn brings your airy Aquarius vision down to Earth, giving it foundation and roots. Saturn asks, what kind of structure, container, system, strategy do you need? What’s your step-by-step plan for making it REAL?

Saturn is Chronos/Kronos, aka Father Time, and in our overly busy-busy world it’s easy to plead “not enough time” when it comes to living our creative dreams. Jazz genius Duke Ellington said, “I don’t need time. I need a deadline.” Deadlines are the domain of Saturn, and deadlines are my lifelines – without them, my procrastinator-perfectionist takes over, and nothing gets done. Time pressure, rather than being a drag on your freedom, can actually liberate some stellar creative mojo.

If you have a copy of your birth chart and some astro-technical know-how, you can get more insight into what this Full Moon means for YOU. Find the house in your chart that contains 18 degrees Aquarius. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to:  commit to your creative genius and future vision; make a strategic plan to give your gifts to the world; manifest your ideals through practical action; feel and move through your fears of being the weirdo and being rejected for your freakiness.

- Emily Trinkaus

aquariusHello, Priestess! Want support for navigating these intense lunar energies, clearing the fear, tuning into your higher vision, and giving it structure and roots? Join super-Aquarian energy-healing genius Katie Todd and me on Friday for our Aquarius Full Moon teleclass. All women are welcome, and you can participate by phone, online, or via recording from anywhere in the world. More info here.

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Renewing Self-Love, Releasing Self-Sabotage – Saturday’s New Moon in Leo

leo new moon

collage by Emily

The Leo New Moon – Saturday at 3:42 pm Pacific – sparks a new cycle of creativity, love and passion. Giant Jupiter, who just recently moved into Leo, joins with the Sun and Moon, amplifying the call to be BIG and BRIGHT.

Adding to the momentum, action planet Mars moves into Scorpio tonight, saying: it’s time to commit to your passion, desire and vitality. Mars’ extra-long Retro tour through Libra (since December) was a time for exploring options, excavating your desires, and regenerating your mojo. While Libra can have a hard time making decisions, afraid to close off any options, Scorpio is the sign of full-on, both-feet-in commitment. While Libra can be overly concerned with what other people think and with being “nice,” Scorpio is willing to risk it all for the sake of authenticity, aliveness and true intimacy.

Mars forms a tight, tense square (90-degree angle) to the New Moon and Jupiter, challenging you to commit to what you REALLY want. This square could bring up friction between your deepest desires – where you feel your vitality and excitement calling you (Mars in Scorpio) – and your need for approval and validation (shadow Leo). Do your true desires conflict with your self-image, how you want others to see you? Are you afraid of losing other people’s love if you follow your passion?

leo new moonLeo is the Divine Child, and this New Moon stirs up “inner child issues” – the wounds that subvert your creative power and confidence, and block you from shining your light. The antidote is a big dose of compassionate self-love, self-approval and self-validation. What are you looking for from other people, and how can you give that to yourself? How does the wounded child part of you sabotage your expansion and success, and what does s/he need from you?

For more insight into what this New Moon means for YOU, find the house in your chart that contains 3 degrees Leo. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to:  clarify your heart’s true desires; commit to your passion and creativity; strengthen self-love and self-approval; plant a seed for amplifying your creative light.

- Emily Trinkaus

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Creative Passion on the Rise and into the Spotlight – Jupiter Enters Leo

jupiter enters leo

collage by Emily

Today marks a major turning point of 2014 – giant Jupiter just shifted from Cancer to Leo (3:30am Pacific), calling you into the spotlight. Jupiter is traditionally the “Greater Benefic,” planet of expansion, opportunity, trust and wisdom.

Jupiter in Cancer, starting June 25, 2013, supported strengthening your foundation, expanding your capacity for emotional depth and intimacy, and increasing trust in your feelings and intuition. Jupiter’s participation in the Cardinal Grand Cross – its opposition to Pluto in Capricorn and square to Uranus in Aries – intensified these themes, and asked you to release the stories and beliefs that subvert your growth and power.

The transition from watery, inward-turning Cancer to fiery, expressive Leo involves feeling safe and secure enough to let your light shine and be seen in your individuality, and having a strong root system that supports you in taking a creative risk. Ideally, having moved through a lot of old emotional crapola (especially of the early childhood and ancestral variety) you can now see life from a fresh perspective, with innocent eyes. Innocence is a Leonine resource that helps you find creative solutions, instead of viewing situations through a filter of cynicism.

leoLeo the Lion is the divine child, the king/queen, the diva, the rock star. Without an open heart – the part of the body ruled by Leo – Jupiter amplifies the shadow version of these archetypes, which can be pretty obnoxious (Jupiter isn’t necessarily “good,” just BIG). This could look like: willfulness, tyranny, melodrama, self-aggrandizement and ego-inflation. High-vibration Leo channels light through the heart, sending out a ray of inspiration that fires up other people’s enthusiasm, joy and creativity.

Jupiter’s last journey through Leo was August 1, 2002 to August 27, 2003, and similar themes and opportunities will arise over the next year. For more insight into what Jupiter in Leo means for YOU, find the house or houses in your birth chart that contain the sign Leo (even if you don’t have any planets in Leo, you have Leo somewhere in your birth chart). The areas of life signified by your Leo house(s) are where opportunities and blessings are available when you:

  • trust and act on what feels like fun
  • follow your heart’s passion and wisdom
  • come from a place of love, generosity, nobility and innocence
  • use a playful, lighthearted approach
  • express your individuality and uniqueness
  • take a courageous creative risk and let your light shine.

- Emily Trinkaus

Hello, Priestess! Want support for navigating the turning-point, opening up to creative expansion, and taking center stage? Divalicious energy healer Katie Todd and I are offering a special Jupiter in Leo Galactivation teleclass – tonight (Wed.) at 5:00 Pacific! All women are welcome, and you can participate by phone, online, or via recording from anywhere in the world. More info here.

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