A Radical Break from the Old Story – Saturn Retrograde and the Uranus-Pluto Square, Approaching Spring Equinox

spring equinox

collage/painting by Emily

Spring Equinox on March 20 (Fall in the Southern Hemisphere) signals the start of a new astrological cycle, rebirth and renewal. The Sun enters Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and we’re called to realign with our passion and vitality and take a courageous leap into the unknown.

This year’s Equinox occurs just hours after a Super-New-Moon Solar Eclipse  at the very last degree of the Zodiac (29 Pisces). The Eclipse amps up the power of Equinox intentions and initiations, but this rebirth requires a major shedding of the past, a mega-transition from old to new realities. Adding to this theme of significant endings and beginnings, and the disorientation of straddling past and future, yesterday was the seventh and final exact Uranus-Pluto square.

We’ve got a week of high-pressure cosmic events (deep breath, everyone), which culminates at Friday’s Equinox and started with Saturn turning Retrograde on Saturnday:

saturnSaturn Stations Retrograde
Saturnday, March 14, 8:02am Pacific, at 4 degrees Sagittarius

When a planet stations, we get a big dose of its energy, for about a week before and after, and with Saturn, we can feel heavy, slow, and depressive/melancholy (saturnine). Saturn is the wise elder, the inner teacher, the hermit – asking us to slow down and turn inward so we can take stock – what’s working, what’s not? How are we honoring our priorities, commitments, responsibilities, boundaries, long-term goals?

This is Saturn’s first station since moving into Sagittarius on December 23. Saturn in Sag wants us to examine how our belief systems, the stories we tell about ourselves and the world, structure our reality. Are these beliefs and stories useful, aligned with our deepest truth, supporting us in creating a positive future?

Marianne Williamson, in last week’s Monday talk, channeled Saturn Retro in Sag with this blessing to an audience member (I’m paraphrasing): “May you grow as bored with your stories as everyone around you already is.” May we ALL grow bored with our victimy old stories! Saturn Retrograde, until August 1, is a time for releasing the old stories, restructuring belief systems, and reclaiming our authority from the stories (our own or other people’s) that limit our potential.

While Pluto is in Saturn-ruled Capricorn (2008-2024), the sign that Saturn occupies indicates issues and arenas of experience ready to burn in Pluto’s cauldron of transformation. Pluto in Capricorn says: all unsustainable social structures and models of power must die. Saturn in Sagittarius, the sign of religion, directs this death-and-rebirth process to the underlying story structures that serve and support the dying dominator paradigm.

We’re transitioning out of the old story of separation – the foundational belief system of everything that’s f-ed-up in our culture. (Charles Eisenstein describes this perfectly in The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible.) At the core of the story of separation is the severing of spirit and matter, as exemplified in the “sky god” religions: god has left the planet, our bodies and sexuality are evil, and the Earth and all her creatures are soul-less matter for our use and abuse. (Lynn Picknett quips that archeologists of the future might call the Judeo-Christian religions “sterility cults.”)

uranusThe 7th and Final Uranus-Pluto Square
Monday, March 16, 7:54pm Pacific at 15 degrees Aries/Capricorn

Uranus the Great Awakener – planet of revolution, liberation and radical breaks – catalyzes and accelerates the Plutonian process of death and rebirth. The exact squares, seven altogether starting in June 2012, represent peaks in the ongoing wave of transformation. Although the exact alignments are over, we can expect these world-changing energies to continue reverberating for several years.

For clues about how to navigate the current square, we can look at the larger, 150-year Uranus-Pluto cycle. Quoting from my 2015 Forecast article in The Mountain Astrologer (if you’re a subscriber, you can read the full article online):

The current Uranus-Pluto cycle started in the mid-1960s with their conjunction, the “New Moon” phase, a seed-planting surge of revolutionary energies. We’re now at the “First Quarter” phase (the opening square), a challenge to take committed action on what was set into motion. Astrologer Moll Frothingham [in her 2013 talk at NORWAC] stresses the importance of going back to the sign of the conjunction – Virgo – for clues about how to navigate the current square.

Earthy, practical Virgo rules the “little things” – the daily details that, moment by moment, make up the fabric of our lives. In the face of overwhelming planetary crisis, Virgo says start now, start small, start where you are, just start….

virgo earth goddessAs Frothingham describes it, the “Virgo revolution” isn’t a dramatic fight but rather “people turning away from what doesn’t work and fixing what we can… turning away from ways of life that aren’t healthy and embracing the recognition of what we actually need to survive and live.”

One of the big lies of our time is that our individual actions don’t matter, that one person can’t make a difference, that we are insignificant beings. But the Virgo archetype reminds us that all the little pieces make up the whole, and each of us is here to play a key part in the healing.

Tad “Marketing for Hippies” Hargrave was tapping into this Virgo vibe in his recent blog post, “Why ‘Stop Playing Small’ Is Bullshit.” He writes: “Small can be beautiful…. Small can be making a difference in your own community instead of trying to ‘change the world’ (as if ‘the world’ were one monolithic thing we could effect…).

The radically transformative Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo is also about questioning how we define the “little things.” To the ancients, the constellation Virgo was the Earth Goddess, and She was honored through daily practices and rituals devoted to the sacred in all life – the “little things” like the water we need to survive, the land base we live on, the food we eat, the fire that keeps us warm, the lovemaking that generates new life. All of which are devalued and degraded by the sky-god religions that project the divine into some distant sphere we reach only in death.

The Uranus-Pluto conjunction in the 60s was the seed-planting for the return of Goddess consciousness, the reemerging Divine Feminine. Now, the opening square signifies a crisis of action. We are the agents of the Goddess on Earth, and we participate in Her reemergence by recognizing and honoring the sacred in the ordinary details of life, by serving our planet and each other with humility, gratitude and awe. We give birth to the new story of connection and wholeness through these small, infinitely powerful acts of reverence.

– Emily Trinkaus

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Clarity, Simplicity and Synthesis – Approaching the Virgo Full Moon

virgo full moon

collage by Emily

We’re already riding the waves of Thursday’s Virgo Full Moon (10:06 am PST) – are you feeling it? The urge to clear out the clutter, organize your space, simplify your life, purify your body? The need to get to the essence and clear out the excess so you can focus on your priorities?

This lunar cycle, which started on February 18 with the Aquarian-Piscean New Moon, is so freakin’ intense. The pressure is amping up toward the seventh and final exact Uranus-Pluto square (March 16), soon followed by the super-charged Solar-Eclipse-infused Spring Equinox (March 20).

Translation? Lots of wild energies swirling about, many potentials and possibilities and known and unknown unknowns. Major endings, major beginnings, and feeling pulled and/or stuck between the old and the new.

The world is burning, the stakes are high. As Mary Oliver asks: What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? (“The Summer Day”)

In that same poem, Oliver, who has a Virgo Sun (and shares my birthday!), writes: “I don’t know exactly what a prayer is./I do know how to pay attention” – a beautiful reflection of the Virgo-Pisces polarity activated by this Full Moon. Watery Pisces, currently occupied by the Sun, Neptune and Chiron, signifies the ocean of consciousness, the infinite, the dreamtime, the great mysterious Mystery, all that is ultimately ineffable and unknowable. Piscean energies have been super-strong, amplified by Saturn’s square to Neptune – the modern ruler of Pisces – all of which can feel blissful and ecstatic, but also potentially overwhelming, confusing and exhausting.

virgo full moon

Virgo stained glass at Chartres cathedral

Earthy Virgo balances out the deluge by helping us get grounded, anchor into our bodies and the center of the planet, and reconnect with the here-and-now reality. Virgo says: when you really pay attention, when you approach everyday life with reverence, when you are fully present, the world opens up to you as the miracle it is, you see the God/Goddess in the tiniest details.

The much-mocked cleanliness and purity of Virgo is not about being uptight or prudish, but about clearing out the clutter and chaos that distract us from the quality of attention needed to be clear channels for the Piscean flow of consciousness and for working MAGIC.

Tosha Silver, in Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead, gives an assignment that’s perfect for working some practical magic at the Virgo Full Moon. If there’s some area of your life that’s feeling stuck or otherwise problematic, choose one small area in your home – one disorganized drawer, cabinet, corner or closet – to clean out and restore order, and dedicate that cleaning to healing and resolving the issue in question.

Virgo is also the sign of integration, synthesis and digestion (literally and figuratively), and we’ve got A LOT to digest from these first few months of 2015. Mercury the Magician, the ruler of Virgo, is just now emerging from its Retrograde shadow (woot!). The Retro influence, which started on January 6, when Mercury entered its pre-Retro shadow, is finally coming to completion as of March 3, bringing a very welcome dose of CLARITY.

mercury in aquariusMercury in airy Aquarius, where it’s hanging out for an extra-long time due to the Retrograde (January 4-March 12), stirs up some seriously buzzy mental energy, a whole slew of innovative ideas and perspectives and possible futures – all very exciting, but also a bit overwhelming. The Virgo Full Moon helps us discern which of these possible futures are truly nourishing to our bodies and spirits, aligned with our path of service, and ultimately “workable” in the reality of our lives.

As the Uranus-Pluto square calls us to courageously step out in our full authenticity and power, the Virgo Full Moon brings to light any shadow Virgo issues of perfectionism that get in the way of giving our gifts to the world. “I’m not ready yet, I need to take another class/workshop/training, my skills aren’t perfect yet, I don’t have a 10-year plan…” etc. – sometimes there’s truth in these thoughts, but sometimes it’s just our old friend FEAR. The Virgo part of all of us is learning to understand perfection as a process and practice, not an end result, and the best way to perfect our skills is to use them. Start where you are, take the first small step, and then the next step will become clear.

For more insight into what this Full Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 14 degrees Virgo. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to:  clean, organize, streamline and simplify; come more fully into the present so you can better work your magic; purge perfectionism, guilt, shame, criticism and judgment; harvest results from past efforts and integrate your experience; take a close look at how you’re using your time, energy and efforts.

– Emily Trinkaus

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Wednesday’s Weird Aquarian-Piscean Super New Moon

aquarius new moon

collage by Emily

Wednesday’s New Moon is WEIRD. The Sun and Moon will unite at the last minute of the last degree of Aquarius – 29 degrees, 59 minutes (3:47 pm PST). Moments later, both will shift into Pisces. Since the New Moon coincides with the Moon’s perigee – when it travels closes to Earth – it’s also a super-charged Supermoon. And it’s Chinese New Year, initiating the Year of the Sheep.

Flavored by the last two signs of the zodiac, this New Moon asks us to clarify and commit to our vision for the future (Aquarius), but also to be willing to dissolve, surrender, and allow our plans and ideas to morph into something beyond what our little minds can figure out (Pisces).

The New Moon is loosely conjunct Neptune (at 6 Pisces), activating the Saturn-Neptune square. This square reinforces the New Moon’s blending of Aquarian and Piscean energies, as Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, while Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces. According to astro-genius (and Pisces Sun) Rick Tarnas, Saturn-Neptune contacts inspire:

neptunedisenchantment and disillusionment – in both the negative and positive senses…. These include not only loss of faith, discouragement, social alienation, and sense of existential meaninglessness but also the empowerment that can emerge from confronting an illusion, shedding a faith that is no longer viable, waking as if from a dream, lucidly recognizing the consensus madness, demystifying the received version of reality.” (Cosmos and Psyche)

The New Moon also activates another major planetary alignment – the square between Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, and Pluto. The pressure is intensifying as we approach the seventh and final exact square on March 16, culminating a process of radical transformation that started in 2012. The New Moon occurs at the midpoint of (i.e., halfway between) these two planets.

That awkward, uncomfortable and sometimes seemingly stuck place in-between the old and the new seems to be part of the territory of the Uranus-Pluto square. Two consecutive New Moons at the 29th degree – next month’s will be at 29 Pisces, the last degree of the zodiac – punctuate this theme. The last degree of a sign, called the anaretic degree, represents a culmination of energies, and can carry a feeling of urgency or crisis. The last degree of Aquarius has to do with the urgency of knowing, trusting and following our own truth, breaking free from the hive mind and taking the risk of being our freaky selves, so we can give our unique gifts to the collective.

aquarius new moonWe’ve been working with these Aquarian themes over the past month. The previous Aquarius New Moon, on January 20, coincided with Mercury turning Retrograde in Aquarius. Mercury is Direct (moving forward) again, as of February 11, but we’re still “in the shadow” until March 3 – a phase of integrating the information, insights and perspectives gained during Mercury Retro. At last month’s New Moon, all the information wasn’t in yet; now we’ve got what we need to move forward.

For more insight into what this Aquarian-Piscean New Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 29 degrees Aquarius. (If you don’t know how to do this, check out this post from a previous Aquarius New Moon.) The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to: shake up your perceptions and open to new possible futures; take action to bring your dreams and ideals into reality; surrender having to know how it’s all going to play out and just take the first step; free yourself from realities that are no longer true to who you are and what you value.

– Emily Trinkaus

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Refuel Your Creative Power, Re-anchor in Your Heart – Tuesday’s Leo Full Moon

leo full moon

collage by Emily

Is time extra-weird right now, or what? One minute I’m feeling like, how did it get to be February already? And the next minute I can’t believe it’s still winter. The future is calling us, the past wants to be cleared and healed, and it seems like the hardest place to be is in the present.

The upcoming Leo Full Moon (Tuesday, 3:10 pm Pacific) calls us back to present time to realign with and re-anchor ourselves in the heart – the part of the body ruled by Leo. “When we are disconnected from the pulse of our heart,” writes Christine Page, “we forget that we are immortal magicians and we readily relinquish our wand and our power.” (2012 and the Galactic Center)

Page describes the heart as the “transformer” that bridges spirit and matter, that makes it possible to bring our ideals and visions into physical reality: “When I am living in the present [in the heart], I am immersed in eternal possibilities while experiencing the finite wherever I choose to pay attention at that moment in time.

This lunar cycle kicked off with the sparky, visionary, future-oriented Aquarius New Moon on January 20, and just a day later, Mercury – also in Aquarius – turned Retrograde. Our big assignment for this cycle is to rethink, rework, realign with, restore, etc. our future vision, and to release what’s blocking us from living in the flow of truth, freedom and authenticity. Aquarian arenas of community, friendship, teamwork, and the unique gifts we have to share with the world are also up for Retrograde reevaluation.

leo full moon

painting by Susan Seddon Boulet

All this airy, brainiacal, potentially insomniacal Aquarian energy (extra-fueled by Uranus in Aries on the South Node – see my last post) now wants to be balanced by the Leo Full Moon. The Moon conjoins with expansive Jupiter, amping up the Leonine fire. The Full Moon is the emotional peak of the month, and while the shadow side of mega-Leo-activation could look like melodrama, childishness and willfulness, the higher side is mucho creative power. The key, of course, is whether or not we’re centered in our hearts.

Oh and another key – are we giving ourselves the love, attention, validation and approval we want and need, or are we trying to get that from other people? Leo is the sign of children and our inner child, and this Full Moon brings us into wounded child territory, forming a close quincunx (150-degree angle) to both Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces. Potentially stirred up and ripe for healing are the kinds of childhood wounds that resulted in a fear of shining, and even a fear of being seen. There’s also the fear of being different, the fear of standing out and being successful (“no one will love me if I’m exuberantly happy and creating the life of my dreams”), and the fear of failure (“I’ll look like a fool if I try and fail”).

Chiron is part of a whole Pisces party (astro-technically, a stellium) that includes Neptune, Venus and Mars. Translation? In addition to the feisty fire of the Leo Full Moon, we’ve also got a whole lot of WATER – meaning that we need time simply BE and FEEL and let ourselves melt a bit (tears are good). Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and part of its job is to dissolve the past, to cleanse and purify in preparation for rebirth. Coinciding with the Leo Full Moon, this is about softening defenses around the heart, releasing those old heart-wounds, so we’re able to come more fully into the present and access more creative power.

To get more insight into what this Full Moon means for YOU, find the house in your birth chart that contains 14 degrees Leo. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to: feel into your heart’s authentic desires; courageously commit to your creativity and passion; heal childhood wounds and fears around letting your light shine; and deepen into, open up to, and radiate more LOVE.

– Emily Trinkaus

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Throw Off the Past, Return to Your Truth – Mercury Stations Retrograde at the Aquarius New Moon

aquarius new moon

collage by Emily

Agitated, anxious, irritated, insomniacal? 40,000 things happening in your mind, but not so much manifesting on the material plane? Moving extremely slowly but simultaneously at warp speed? Me too!

We’re stewing/sizzling in the co-incidence of two highly charged astro-events – yesterday’s New Moon (5:15 am PST) and today’s Mercury Station Retrograde (7:54 am), both in electric, visionary, brainiacal, futuristic Aquarius.

While the New Moon sparks a dynamic new cycle into motion, a quickening of energies, Mercury Retro (until February 11) calls for slowing down, turning inward, rethinking the future and resolving the past. The new beginning signaled by this Mercury-Retro-flavored New Moon might be more of a return, resolution or completion. The assignment is to purify, transmute, dismantle what’s blocking the flow of truth, freedom and expansion. Revisit and release the past so you can more easily create your dream for the future. Empty out so you can better know your own truth.

In his latest newsletter, James Altucher talks about throwing away 98% of his stuff: “In a weird way,” he writes, “I feel like I have MORE simply because I have nothing left in my house.” (I wish he hadn’t thrown so much of his stuff into the landfill, but otherwise I’m on board.) Altucher, an Aquarius, is not an astrologer (as far as I know) but he’s totally in sync with cosmic energies – throwing it all away, freeing yourself from the past, being honest about who you are NOW. He writes: “I don’t want anything anymore. I used to. But not anymore.

uranusUranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, is sitting precisely on the Aries South Node, our karmic past, what’s blocking our evolution. Uranus on the South Node signifies an accelerated clearing of old patterns, and can also feel like our brains (ruled by Aries) are on overload, with the potential for short-circuiting. Unplug from technology and take a break from mass media. Lean into the North Node in Libra – what supports you in feeling peaceful and balanced – and separate from the technology, media, people, etc. that unnecessarily fuel your stress and irritation.

Aries-ruled anger can be productive when it’s genuinely coming from within yourself – it’s the emotion that fires you up to take action and set boundaries, and moves you forward on your evolutionary path. But Uranus on the Aries South Node can indicate anger coming in from the “group mind” that gets you all riled-up about something that has nothing to do with you and about which you can do nothing, leaving you feeling powerless and depressed.

Mars, the ruler of Aries, is in Pisces and conjunct Neptune – poor boundaries and victimy behavior vis-à-vis technology and what you allow to seep into your brain is the lower potential here. The higher potential is to energize your dreams, ideals and higher vision by acting on what inspires you. Consciously engage the power of your imagination through music, art, meditation, prayer.

aquarius new moonFor more insight into what yesterday’s New Moon means for you, find the house in your birth chart that contains 0 degrees Aquarius. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to:  look for and lean into the big-picture perspective; tune into and trust your inner truth; and plant seeds for experiencing more freedom, clarity, community and friendship.

For more insight into what this Mercury Retro means for you, find the house or houses containing 1-17 degrees Aquarius. The areas of life signified by that house (or houses) are where you’re invited to: revisit and resolve the past; rethink your dreams for the future; realign your future vision with your heart’s passion; use your intuition to access a radical shift in perspective; reenergize your genius, creativity and individuality; reconnect with friends and community; and remove what obstructs your clarity of vision.

Mercury is Retrograde until February 11, but we’re “in the shadow” (under the influence) until March 4. Mercury Retro is part of our inner, behind-the-scenes preparation for the seventh and final exact alignment of the Uranus-Pluto square on March 16, followed by a Pisces Solar Eclipse coinciding with Spring Equinox on March 20 – this is when 2015 really kicks into high gear. In the meantime, we can best prepare for this mega-rebirth by throwing out everything that is no longer true to who we are now, and clarifying our highest vision for who we want to become and what we want to create.

I’ll leave you with a few more Aquarian words of wisdom from James Altucher: “All the time I’m asked if you can be honest and still succeed in this world. Many people are skeptical. The answer is “Yes”. It’s the ONLY way to succeed and be satisfied.” (Two Weird Tricks that Save My Life)

– Emily Trinkaus

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Out of Your Comfort Zone, Into the Creative Flow – Sunday’s Full Moon in Cancer Kickstarts the New Year

cancer full moon

collage by Emily

What wants to be born through you in 2015? Saturn’s shift from deep-diving Scorpio to intergalactic Sagittarius (as of December 23 – can I get an amen??) says we are ready to EXPAND.

The transition from Scorpio to Sag is like coming up out of the basement and seeing a great big world out there, a land of adventure and opportunity. Saturn in Sag wants you to clarify your vision and take responsibility for bringing it into reality. What would it look like to become the biggest, most bad-ass version of your true self?

The Solstice-flavored Capricorn New Moon on December 21 initiated a very ambitious lunar cycle, and now we’re in the field of Sunday’s equally ambitious – and potentially very cranky – Cancer Full Moon (8:54 pm PST). The first Full Moon of 2015 is a major kick in the booty to power up your New Year and clear blocks to manifesting your big vision.

Cancer wants safety, security and the comfort of the familiar, but this Full Moon activates the Uranus-Pluto square, taking you WAY out of your comfort zone and asking you to break free from the old emotional and ancestral patterning that keeps you stuck “playing small” in an outworn version of yourself.

cancer full moonNot only are the Sun and Moon making very tight hard angles to Uranus and Pluto, the Full Moon also precisely squares the Nodal axis (Nodes of the Moon), while Uranus sits on the Aries South Node. Translation? A karmic clearing that stirs up emotional volatility, irritability, anxiety and general crabbiness.

Take time to move through the FEELINGS instead of thinking you have to immediately DO something to relieve the pressure. Avoid taking action from fear-based, reptilian-brain reactivity. Practice being with yourself exactly where you are, soften your defenses, and offer yourself as an empty vessel to the flow of creation. Wait until you feel clarity and excitement about how to move forward. Cancer is a watery, feminine, process-oriented sign that says: how you do it is what you get.

While Cancer can tend to take it all VERY personally, this Uranian-Plutonian activation wants you to go big-picture, connect with your Galactic self, and get your ego out of the way so you can be a conduit for the Great Mother Goddess to create through you. As outer planets, Uranus and Pluto require surrender and trust – trust that what the Multiverse has in mind for you is so much more awesome than what your “small self” can conceive of and plan for.

If you’ve got a copy of your birth chart and some astro-technical know-how, you can get more insight into what this Full Moon means for YOU. Find the house in your chart that contains 14 degrees Cancer. The areas of life signified by that house are where you’re invited to: shake up and transform your attachments to safety, security and comfort; feel and heal old emotional, familial and ancestral patterns; soften your defenses, get your ego out of the way, and open to a greater creative flow.

– Emily Trinkaus

galactivationshey, beautiful Priestess (yes you!) – Join energy-healing magician Katie Todd and me on Friday (or by recording) to Galactivate these powerful Full Moon energies. We’ll clear out the cranky and open up to our bigger galactic selves to align with what wants to be created through us in the new year. All women are welcome, and you can participate from anywhere by phone or online. Details here.

and! Portlandia-area friends – Join me at New Renaissance this Saturday (January 3) for a talk and workshop on Spiritual Authority and Practical Magic: The Astrology of 2015. We’ll look at the planetary headlines of the new year and how YOU can co-create with these cosmic events. Call New Ren to reserve your spot (it’s filling up fast!): 503.224.4929.

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In the Cauldron of Rebirth – Today’s Winter Solstice, Capricorn New Moon and Uranus Station

winter solstice

collage by Emily

Today’s Winter Solstice – Summer in the Southern Hemisphere – is super-charged by its coincidence with the Capricorn New Moon and Uranus’ Direct Station. This powerhouse pile-up of planetary events suggests an extra-dramatic rebirth of the Sun God, and of our own creative life force – the closing of one chapter and start of another.

As the Sun stands still (sol = Sun, stice = stand still), we are advised to do the same – to turn inward, reflect on what we’ve created, grieve our losses, and dream up a vision for the coming year. The seasonal darkness serves as an ideal container for magic, meditation, prayer and ritual.

In a rare alignment of the solar and lunar cycles, the darkest days of the year coincide with the dark of the Moon. Just a few hours after the Sun enters Capricorn (3:03 pm PST), signifying the Solstice, the Sun and Moon unite at the Capricorn New Moon (5:36 pm). Don’t wait until January 1st to set your New Year’s intentions – better to tap into the combined power of the Solstice and the New Moon. Between 5:36 pm tonight and 7:17 pm Monday (Pacific time) will be the most potent period for working the magic.

The Capricorn New Moon wants you to clarify your commitments, consider your long-term goals, get strategic, make a plan, and be extremely practical and realistic about how you want to spend your time, energy and resources. The New Moon joins with Mercury, Pluto and Venus (all in Capricorn), and forms a tense square with Uranus in Aries, which turns from Retrograde to Direct (forward) today (2:45 pm PST), amplifying its power.

uranusUranus the Great Awakener wants to jolt us out of our habitual “shoulds,” wherever we’ve become too rigidly attached to the status quo or are sacrificing authenticity and aliveness to fit our wild selves into some pre-existing structure (shadow Capricorn). WE are responsible for our destiny (high-vibration Capricorn) and we get to create the reality that will support our highest blossoming.

As outer planets, Uranus and Pluto are signifiers of transpersonal or collective forces, and their involvement in this New Moon also ask us to look at our individual choices within the bigger story of now, to align with our deeper soul mission, our core-level rather than ego-driven desires. How does your unique expression of Light serve collective evolution, awakening and rebirth?

The New Moon takes place at the very first degree of Capricorn (0 degrees), a degree that signifies major new beginnings. Meanwhile, Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn and therefore extra-potent, is at the very last degree of Scorpio – the 29th or anaretic degree – suggesting major endings, culmination, completion. Processes that have been underway for the past two years, since Saturn entered Scorpio in October 2012, are coming to a close. Saturn’s last hurrah in Scorpio, before shifting into Sagittarius on December 23, can also involve sifting through some heavy emotions. This is a powerful time for emotional detox – clearing out the residue that you don’t want to carry into the new cycle.

If you have a copy of your birth chart and some astro-technical know-how, you can get more insight into what the Capricorn New Moon means for YOU by finding the house in your chart that contains 0 degrees of Capricorn. In the areas of life signified by this house, the New Moon calls for: resetting your life force energy and restructuring your reality; raising your standards and elevating your life to the next level of growth and maturity; clarifying your long-term goals and strategizing about how to reach them.

– Emily Trinkaus

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