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Emily is taking a break from seeing clients. Please consider a reading with one of the graduates of her apprenticeship program.

“You gave me the best astrology reading I’ve ever had.  I’ve had a few readings from some famous astrologers so this is meant as a serious compliment.” – L.T.

“The reading was one of the most magical experiences of my life. Thank you!” – W.S.

If you are in transition, feeling lost or stuck, and looking for:

* a higher perspective
* clarification about your life’s purpose
* insight into the deeper meaning of now
* awareness of how this moment fits into the larger context of your life

I can help! My passion is to help you uncover and validate your own inner knowing, and embrace and express your authentic self.

Astrology readings give insight into the meaning and purpose of this moment in time and how you can best utilize available energies. Astrology is a powerful tool for identifying your unique mission, and how your individual story intersects with the unfolding collective drama.

I am not a fortune teller, and I do not predict the future. I believe the future is mutable, and we are creating it in every moment — through our thoughts, feelings, actions and, most importantly, state of consciousness.

My intention is to offer practical guidance, healing and support for you to become your highest vision of your self. I’ve been reading charts professionally since 1999, and have studied astrology for more than 30 years.

Details about readings

Please review my Frequently Asked Questions before scheduling a session, to make sure that working together feels like a fit for you.

I offer astrology readings by phone, Skype or Google hangout. You’ll receive a copy of your chart, and a digital recording (mp3) of the reading. Payment (by PayPal) is required at the time of scheduling. If you would prefer to mail a check, please contact me for the mailing address. Once I receive the check, we can schedule your reading.

Gift certificates are available. Please contact me


One-hour reading:  $227

Clients have said…

“Emily is a true professional and a wonderful astrological guide.  She brings to her sessions a tremendous about of background study, depth of understanding, personal warmth, and sensitivity to the client’s situational needs.  My session with her was like receiving a treasure chest–one that I got to take home with me in the form of an audio file!  I am continually enriched as I revisit the wisdom of her sharing.  Words that come to mind to describe Emily are: true, clear, open, and real.” – S.B., Portland, OR

“The reading was profound for me and had a big impact ever since on me regarding direction, timing and understanding in my life.  I feel it is still integrating with the deeper parts of my psyche and soul.  I love what you do.  You are really good at it and explaining it. Wonderful.” – A.D.

“I so enjoyed your reading yesterday. I feel a renewed hope…. Your true intention of helping comes through your ability to listen and then give back the information we need with a gentle nudging, adding a spoonful of knowledge that we need to embrace. You’re a metaphysician that creates our restructured reality through your craft. If anyone truly desires to change and find their happiness, they will swallow it up and run with it.” – J.

“I cannot thank you enough for our session the other day. Your immense passion and depth of knowledge about the language of astrology is evident in how you excitedly weave from one ‘headline’ to another, competently and animatedly conveying all you are reading. I am so grateful for how you took what seemed like the encrypted language of my soul and translated it so clearly for me.” – J.F., Portland, OR

“Thank you so much for the reading! You’re extremely talented at it, and there were many things that stuck with me, and are still resonating strongly. Many of the points of the reading, I’d already known about myself, but didn’t necessarily see it as supported by anything other than intuition/insight. And being able to consciously recognize the shadow sides of the tendencies is powerful. I definitely feel revitalized from the knowledge.” – J.S., Portland, OR

“Thanks so much for the great chart reading. Much to think about and very affirming. I so appreciate your insight, passion and skill. You are quite gifted.” – A.T., Portland, OR

“Thank you for the most amazing reading EVER! I feel like I have so much more insight into my world!” – K.H., Portland, OR

“I really appreciate your work and your readings are better than ever. Feels like a blueprint for courage.” – J.J., New York, NY

“My most recent reading gave me much strength and hope to endure a very challenging time. You gave me extremely valuable and insightful tools on how to cope, grow and thrive, as opposed to staying overwhelmed by the heaviness of it all.” – J.M., San Diego, CA

Find more reviews from clients here.

2 Responses to astro readings

  1. ellen tracey says:

    Dear Emily,
    I just wanted to thank you again and very publicily for the reading you did for me.

    I have decided that my world, in all its tumultuous-ness, would be better served if I could have a mini-emily in my pocket with all the information you possess. Your ability to clarify points on issues that i have been working on in my life has allowed me to see the skills I already have to work with.

    I walk with my head less in the clouds and still up high with the knowledge about myself that I might have already had an idea about but no longer feel the need to doubt.

    I look forward to another reading in the future and tell all my friends that you will save them weeks of therapy.

    Much love, Ellen

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