I’ve written three computerized astrology reports for While a computerized report can never replace an actual astrological reading, which entails careful analysis and synthesis of your birth chart, I have designed these reports to be as useful and accurate as possible.

Life Purpose Report

This customized report, focusing on Saturn and the North Node in your birth chart, offers profound insight into your individual life purpose. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of not only your true purpose on this earth, but the ways in which you might go about fulfilling it. This enlightening report even explores any obstacles that you may face, with advice on how to overcome them. Think of it as the starting point in the journey toward the life you’ve always desired.  order your report >>

in the words of one customer: “I really enjoyed the Life Purpose Report…. It really brought a lot of things out that I have been feeling and struggling with for some time. It is nice to see these issues in black and white and to have an action plan that helps bring resolution to these problems. It is a big help!”

Mars Power Report

This report offers guidance for activating and expressing your power, based on the position of Mars in your birth chart. What are the blocks and challenges that keep you from letting your true self shine? What steps can you take to activate your vitality, passion and creativity? The report also suggests animal allies for each sign of Mars, and how to work with them to strengthen your power.  order your report >>

Creativity Report

This report helps you discover your hidden creative talents, as well as sources of inspiration and support. We all have the soul of an artist, but the demands of everyday life can stifle our imagination. This in-depth look at your Sun sign and Venus, Mars and Moon placements will help you identify your innate gifts, work through blocks and find inspiration in your daily life. This easy-to-read report will give you the tools to reconnect with your inner artist … or even meet for the first time.  order your report >>

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  1. Tasha says:

    I started with the Life Purpose report and couldn’t help myself; I ended up ordering all three! Thank you Emily, they are accurate, beautifully written, and SO enlightening. I am now beginning to understand the source of my seemingly endless struggles, and I now have a plan, a road map, to begin working through them. Thank you. THANK YOU!

    • emily says:

      Wow, Tasha, thank you so much for your generous words of appreciation!! I’m thrilled that you’ve found my reports useful.

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