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“Listen True to the Body” – Tuesday’s Super Full Moon in Taurus

Holy intensity! Tuesday’s Taurus Full Moon (5:05am Pacific) is the last Super Moon of 2015 and it’s stirring up some serious shiz. Taurus is an Earth sign, and this means that our Moon-ruled emotions are manifesting in physical form – … Continue reading

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Purification and Presence – Saturday’s Solar Eclipse in Virgo

The Pisces Full Moon on August 29 launched us into Eclipse Season, a six-week period of intensified everything and a high-pressure portal into new realities. Typically, there’s a lot of emotional energy flying around, surprising and even shocking events (both … Continue reading

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The Healing Story that Carries You Through the Dark – Approaching the Gemini Full Moon

“I have woven a parachute out of everything broken.” – William Stafford Chiron – the Wounded Healer, the Shaman, the Mentor/Initiator – stationed at the Sagittarius New Moon (November 22), and will square the upcoming Gemini Full Moon (December 6). … Continue reading

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Honoring Sensitivity, Reconnecting with Source – Monday’s Super Full Moon in Pisces, Conjunct Chiron

This has been one of the more intense lunar cycles – are you feeling it?? We’re coming up on a Super Full Moon (the last of 2014) in watery, uber-sensitive Pisces, stirring up strong feelings and opening our psychic sensors. … Continue reading

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Desire and Discernment – Mars Meets Saturn at Monday’s Virgo New Moon

Monday’s New Moon in Virgo (7:13 am Pacific) is strongly flavored by the conjunction of Mars and Saturn – potentially stirring up feelings of frustration, anger, fear, pressure and powerlessness. This Mars-Saturn energy has been building all week, making us … Continue reading

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Releasing Reactivity, Restoring Peace – Chiron Stations Retrograde at the Solstice

Not feeling so summer-fun festive? Summer Solstice on Saturday (3:52 am Pacific) is the peak of light, a time to celebrate your creations and the Earth’s abundance. But Chiron in Pisces turns Retrograde today (3:39 am Pacific), churning up deep … Continue reading

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Instinctual Wisdom and Emotional Freedom – Approaching the Sagittarius Full Moon

Still floating in the dreamy, hazy waters of Monday’s Neptune station, the energies are building toward Thursday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius (9:11 pm Pacific). The Full Moon is the emotional peak of the month, when the inner tides of feeling … Continue reading

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Retreat, Replenish, Restore – Mercury Stations Retrograde in Cancer

Greetings from bed. Cooperating with the current cosmic energies, I’ve returned to bed to write this post, cozy under the covers with a cup of tea and cat by my side. Mercury doesn’t officially turn Retro until Saturday, but I’m … Continue reading

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Crucify the Old Stories, Resurrect Your Divine Body – the Peak of the Cardinal Grand Cross, Venus in Pisces, and the Grand Water Trine

Welcome to the most intense astrology of 2014, the Cardinal Grand Cross – humanity at a crossroads, a radical turning point in our personal and collective stories. What’s dying? What wants to be born, reborn, reclaimed? The peak activation of … Continue reading

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A Turning of the Tides – Multiple Stations at the Pisces New Moon

Saturday’s New Moon in Pisces (12:00 am Pacific) is punctuated by a pile-up of planetary events, a major shifting of energies. Four planets (appear to) change directions within a week, and the rare abundance of stationary – apparently motionless – … Continue reading

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