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Inner Stability in the Cauldron of Transformation – Thursday’s Full Moon in Taurus

Two Eclipses plus Mercury Retrograde have added up to an emotionally intense, relentless ride into the deepest, darkest and most mysterious aspects of life. Now, approaching Thursday’s Full Moon in Taurus (2:23 pm PST), the transformational energies brewing for the … Continue reading

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Honoring Sensitivity, Reconnecting with Source – Monday’s Super Full Moon in Pisces, Conjunct Chiron

This has been one of the more intense lunar cycles – are you feeling it?? We’re coming up on a Super Full Moon (the last of 2014) in watery, uber-sensitive Pisces, stirring up strong feelings and opening our psychic sensors. … Continue reading

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Sunday’s Super Full Moon in Aquarius – She’s Super Freaky!

Sunday’s Full Moon in Aquarius (11:09 am Pacific) shines the light on: your ideals and vision for the future; innovation, creativity and genius; friends, groups, communities and organizations; and using your unique gifts in service to the collective. The Full Moon … Continue reading

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Feeling through the Limits of Fear, Frustration and Resistance – Approaching the Scorpio Full Moon

Holy crap I’ve had to work through some serious resistance to get this post done. I’m guessing I’m not entirely alone in feelings of overwhelm, pressure, frustration, stagnation and exhaustion… all of which seem right in line with the energies … Continue reading

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Liberation of the Goddess – Approaching Sunday’s Full Moon in Virgo

Sunday’s Full Moon is in Virgo, the sign that in modern times is seen as an old maid, secretary, librarian, or OCD housecleaner, but to the ancients represented the Goddess. Virgo is the only constellation in the Zodiac that depicts … Continue reading

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Reclaiming the Power of Love – Friday’s Full Moon in Leo, Square Saturn

The Full Moon in Leo – the sign of love, romance and celebration – lights up Valentine’s Day this year (Friday, 3:53 pm Pacific). Leo rules the heart, and this Full Moon reconnects you with your heart’s true desires, creative … Continue reading

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Earth Crisis/Spiritual Crisis and the Power to Create – Neptune Stations Direct Approaching the Taurus Full Moon

Feeling spacey, sleepy, weepy, confused, overwhelmed and generally out of sorts? Welcome to Neptune-land. The God/Goddess of the Ocean is currently stationing – appearing to stand still in the sky before turning from Retrograde to forward motion on Wednesday (10:42 … Continue reading

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