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Clarity, Simplicity and Synthesis – Approaching the Virgo Full Moon

We’re already riding the waves of Thursday’s Virgo Full Moon (10:06 am PST) – are you feeling it? The urge to clear out the clutter, organize your space, simplify your life, purify your body? The need to get to the … Continue reading

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Wednesday’s Weird Aquarian-Piscean Super New Moon

Wednesday’s New Moon is WEIRD. The Sun and Moon will unite at the last minute of the last degree of Aquarius – 29 degrees, 59 minutes (3:47 pm PST). Moments later, both will shift into Pisces. Since the New Moon … Continue reading

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Refuel Your Creative Power, Re-anchor in Your Heart – Tuesday’s Leo Full Moon

Is time extra-weird right now, or what? One minute I’m feeling like, how did it get to be February already? And the next minute I can’t believe it’s still winter. The future is calling us, the past wants to be … Continue reading

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Throw Off the Past, Return to Your Truth – Mercury Stations Retrograde at the Aquarius New Moon

Agitated, anxious, irritated, insomniacal? 40,000 things happening in your mind, but not so much manifesting on the material plane? Moving extremely slowly but simultaneously at warp speed? Me too! We’re stewing/sizzling in the co-incidence of two highly charged astro-events – yesterday’s … Continue reading

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Inner Stability in the Cauldron of Transformation – Thursday’s Full Moon in Taurus

Two Eclipses plus Mercury Retrograde have added up to an emotionally intense, relentless ride into the deepest, darkest and most mysterious aspects of life. Now, approaching Thursday’s Full Moon in Taurus (2:23 pm PST), the transformational energies brewing for the … Continue reading

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Over the Edge, Through the Underworld – Thursday’s Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Submerged, disoriented, out of time, in-between worlds… For the past few weeks, we’ve been navigating the awkward, mysterious, sometimes magical and often very stressful time between two Eclipses. We feel the surge of transformational energies, the pressure to take a … Continue reading

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Realign With Your True Desire – Mercury Stations Retrograde Approaching the Aries Lunar Eclipse

Mercury turns Retrograde today (10:02 am PDT) until October 25, calling you inward to review, renew, redo, rethink and all the other “re-” words. As Mercury stations – stands still in the sky as it appears to reverse directions – … Continue reading

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