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Feeling through the Limits of Fear, Frustration and Resistance – Approaching the Scorpio Full Moon

Holy crap I’ve had to work through some serious resistance to get this post done. I’m guessing I’m not entirely alone in feelings of overwhelm, pressure, frustration, stagnation and exhaustion… all of which seem right in line with the energies … Continue reading

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Reclaiming the Power of Love – Friday’s Full Moon in Leo, Square Saturn

The Full Moon in Leo – the sign of love, romance and celebration – lights up Valentine’s Day this year (Friday, 3:53 pm Pacific). Leo rules the heart, and this Full Moon reconnects you with your heart’s true desires, creative … Continue reading

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Love, Power and Maturity – the Dance of Venus, Mars and Saturn

Winter Solstice on December 21 catalyzed a dynamic dance between Venus, Mars and Saturn, amplifying themes of love, authority and responsibility that will continue to be strong through the first half of 2014. In the traditional wheel of the year, … Continue reading

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Reawakening Emotional Freedom – Uranus Turns Retrograde as the Grand Water Trine Peaks

We’re coming into the peak of this summer’s Grand Water Trine, and while the astro-hype had us thinking we’d all be floating on a sea of blissful surrender, the reality seems a bit different. I know many people (including myself) … Continue reading

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Return to the Wisdom of Your Heart – Jupiter Enters Cancer as Mercury Turns Retrograde (in Cancer)

Anyone else enjoying a Mercury station hangover? My head feels all cottony, words are barely accessible, and I keep forgetting the brilliant idea I just had a moment ago. Mercury – planet of the mind, perception and communication – turned … Continue reading

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The Saturn-Neptune Trine – Reclaiming Inner Authority at the End of the Age of Pisces

Dear Reader, The following post is an article that was published in The Mountain Astrologer in their Dec. 2012/Jan. 2013 issue. The Saturn-Neptune trine is strong in the sky now through July (peaking July 19), and this seems like an appropriate … Continue reading

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Desire, Anger and Responsibility – Mars Opposes Saturn

Mars – action, passion and desire – opposes Saturn today (exact 10:12 pm PDT), slowing down the pace and asking you to turn inward and reflect on what you want and where you’re going. What are you committed to? What … Continue reading

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