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Are You Feeling the Call of the Venus Revolution?

Since the fall of 2011, I’ve apprenticed myself to Venus. Feeling the call of the Divine Feminine, like many others at this time, but not really knowing WTF that meant, I set out to get to know the Goddess. As … Continue reading

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Beauty and Courage – North Node Enters Libra, Meets Up with Mars

“When we lose sight of beauty our struggle becomes tired and functional. When we expect and engage with the Beautiful, a new fluency is set free within us and between us. The heart becomes rekindled and our lives brighten with … Continue reading

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Honoring the Dark Goddess – Venus Stations Direct, Conjunct Pluto

We’re entering the final week of Venus Retrograde, deepening into the process of redefining values and priorities, renegotiating relationships, and reawakening and restructuring the inner feminine or anima. What do you really love and value? What’s worth putting your time … Continue reading

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Venus in the Underworld – Preparing for a New Cycle of the Divine Feminine

Venus is in the Underworld – traveling so close to the Sun that she’s invisible to us Earthlings. The feminine in all of us is deeply submerged, there’s a contraction of energy, a pulling inward, a need to be alone, … Continue reading

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Love, Power and Maturity – the Dance of Venus, Mars and Saturn

Winter Solstice on December 21 catalyzed a dynamic dance between Venus, Mars and Saturn, amplifying themes of love, authority and responsibility that will continue to be strong through the first half of 2014. In the traditional wheel of the year, … Continue reading

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Relationships, Responsibility and Regeneration – Venus in the Retrograde Shadow

Venus, goddess of love, is slowing down, preparing to turn Retrograde on December 21, and the feminine in each of us and in the collective is up for reevaluation and regeneration. We started feeling the influence on November 20, when … Continue reading

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Own Your Body, Love the Earth – Thursday’s Solar Eclipse in Taurus

The first Eclipse in this Spring’s trio, the uber-intense Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on April 25, triggered core survival fears, ripe for healing and transformation. Now we’re approaching the second – a Taurus Solar Eclipse on Thursday (5:29 pm PDT), a … Continue reading

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